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Court: Delta Air Lines Doesn’t Have To Ship Rhino Trophy If It Doesn’t Want To

It’s up to you whether or not you want to spend $350,000 to hunt and kill an endangered black rhinoceros, but if you do, it doesn’t mean Delta Air Lines is obligated to ship it home for you. [More]

Cyndi Beane Henry

Report: Bass Pro Partnering With Goldman Sachs To Acquire Rival Cabela’s

The same day that the dire fates of Sport Chalet and Sports Authority give us reason to ponder the state of the sporting goods industry, we have news of more possible changes in this niche retail market: Outdoor goods giant Bass Pro is reportedly looking to buy rival Cabela’s.  [More]

Delta Air Lines Bans Shipments Of Big Game Trophies

Delta Air Lines Bans Shipments Of Big Game Trophies

UPDATE: United Airlines and American Airlines have also announced bans on shipping the “big five” of wild animal trophies as freight. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

Walmart Hunter Gets Probation For Shooting Deer In Parking Lot

Because it is very not legal to go hunting for deer (or any animal, really) in the crowded parking lot of a Walmart, the man who shot one last March has had his hat handed to him by way of probation. The Indiana man avoided trial on charges of reckless endangerment, killing or taking big game unlawfully, failing to have a hunting license, discharging a weapon across a highway, discharging a weapon in a safety zone and using a motor vehicle to hunt illegally. [Tribune-Live] [More]

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Nope, It’s Not Legal To Hunt Deer In The Walmart Parking Lot

The Pennsylvania Game Commission would like you to know that it is not legal to hunt deer in the Burrell Township Walmart parking lot, and, by extension, any other Walmart parking lot. [More]

AIG Executives Help Themselves To $86,000 Hunting Trip

AIG Executives Help Themselves To $86,000 Hunting Trip

The AP is reporting that AIG executives aren’t done partying yet — they took an $86,000 hunting trip even as the company was requesting an additional $37.8 billion loan from the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo has said that as long as the company continues to be propped up by the taxpayer — he has the power under state business law to review and possibly rescind any inappropriate AIG spending.

Please Don't Hunt At The Pittsburgh International Airport

Please Don't Hunt At The Pittsburgh International Airport

Important tip for aspiring sportsmen: Don’t “hunt” at Pittsburgh International Airport. It’s not legal to be creeping around airport property with loaded firearms. Shocking, we know.