New Stove Sells House

My parents just sold their house, a big deal for them, especially because it’s been on the market since the beginning of the summer. The appliances clinched it. They appliances were 10 years old, and while they were in perfect working order, they just didn’t look “contemporary.”

My parents had an interested buyer and were close to de-listing the place and changing around some of the things they had gotten negative feedback on (brass fixtures, brown carpet, new paint job, appliances). They had already put in the order for new appliances. After the prospective buyers saw the printouts of the new appliances laid out on the counter, they bit at the apple with a low-ball offer. My parents countered by slightly lowering their price. “Final offer,” they said. That day, boom, sale.

It’s a buyers market and they can get away without having any imagination. Don’t like the carpet? There’s 3 places down the street to check out. So listen to issues that keep popping up in the house feedback and be willing to put in a few upgrades and makeovers and you can go from fail to sale.

(Photo: Getty)