Amtrak Workers May Strike In Early 2008

If you’re a frequent Amtrak travel, you might want to plan ahead for a half-week of telecommuting sometime in early February—Kiplinger says Amtrak workers may strike as early as February 1st, in an attempt to bring a conclusion to the negotiations that have been going on for nearly eight years.

Congress will likely put an end to the strike in less than a week because of how crucial Amtrak and its employees are to the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

The disruptions in service would affect some commuter rail and freight lines, as well as Amtrak’s passengers — about 25 million a year. Many commuter rail lines use Amtrak-owned track between Washington, D.C. and Boston, and many use Amtrak employees to operate trains. Chicago’s busy Union Station, for example, would be shut down by a strike because it depends on Amtrak workers. Some freight that travels on Amtrak-owned track on the East Coast would also be stopped if Amtrak employees go on strike.

“A Post-Holiday Amtrak Strike Looms” [Kiplinger]
(Photo: reivax)

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