A customer says his complaints were met with indifference after reporting that mice had infested the bird seed at a Mass. Home Depot, leaving torn and spilling bags in their wake. Not only that, the store wasn’t clean up the dead mice. Seems the store employees don’t know which aisle contains the pest control products (or dustpans), nor do they care to. If they want to be “green” about it, they could just go over to PetSmart and get a few cats. Felines have been killing mice for us humans since the dawn of grain storage, so maybe it’s time to kick it old-school. [Wicked Local]


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  1. rbb says:

    That’s a problem at every Home Depot with an outdoor section. Even worse than the mice are the @#$#@$ birds that poop all over everything.

  2. Youthier says:

    Don’t you sort of expect this though? Maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm but a big warm building with lots of large openings and plenty of great places to nest seems like a paradise for rodents.

  3. Youthier says:

    @HeyHermano: Okay, I didn’t read the article. They should probably be cleaning up the dead ones.

  4. dirtymoney says:

    wow! retail employees who dont give a sh!t?…. whodathunkit?

    Man, i see this type of attitude by at least 85% of employees at ANY retail store.

    I figure that it the typical “that’s not MY job!” attitude most “dead inside” employees have that is to blame.

    And there is probably all kinds of idiotic protocol they must do in a situation like this….. inform manager, manager calls corporate to get permission to have “a professional” exterminator to come out. When all would be needed is to possibly put the seed in a more protected place & install some mouse traps.

  5. LTS! says:

    You get the cats to kill the mice and then people complain of the ammonia smell from all the cat urine.. you just can’t win. Look, put out the birdseed with the mice in it, the chickadees will eat the seed, the hawks will eat the mice. What’s the problem?

  6. bmwloco says:

    Home Despot is just another big box trying to sell home improvement stuff. Hire ’em cheap and get the job done.

    Lowes is a better choice all in all, but a good home grown hardware store is hard to beat.

  7. dirtymoney says:


    …. the repeating kind of mousetraps that reset themselves & continue to catch mice until they are full. Stickytraps also work incredibly well.

  8. @dirtymoney: Do you really trust the people they have working at Home Depot to handle Rat and Mouse poison? I don’t mean to be mean, but a few of my local stores employ “special abililitied” people to do some jobs. I don;t think it’s a stretch for someone to get distracted and put on in his mouth thinking it’s a funky green round candy.

  9. Skiffer says:

    “they could just go over to PetSmart and get a few cats.”

    Then what about the cats?

    We’ll get some dogs to chase them away.

    Then what about the dogs?

    Poisonous cobras would work….

    And the cobras?

    That’s when we bring in the mongooses (mongeese?)…

    What then?

    Well…then we’ll bring in the lions…

    And what’s gonna get rid of the lions?

    Eh…just wait until winter…

  10. dirtymoney says:


    Stickytraps & the kwick katch-Type repeating mouse traps are all that would be needed. They dont even need to be baited. Even the most inept of employee shoudl be able to pull off a sticker or turn a crank to set the traps.

  11. target_veteran says:

    I don’t think traps would really help here, since you need something to lure the mice into the traps and it sounds like they’ve made this place rodent heaving. Unless, of course, you ward the entire area with one huge stick traps around the perimeter. But, stick rapsare just cruel.

    Blaming construction sounds like buck passing, but it’s really not. I live near Chicago, where they’ve recently put in a new Ikea, a new mall, and lots of satellites. I see all sorts of critters wandering around that used to live in the farm/forest/prairie areas that became ample parking lots. This summer, a swarm of honey bees that used to live where the new mall is decended on the Ikea. Note that honey bees are non-agressive, beneficial to the environment, and mysteriously disappearing. You can guess what happened to them.

    Weird as it sounds, the cat idea is actually right on the mark. Introduce a natural predator into the area and you’ll scare off the vermin pretty quick. Too bad laws and fear of lawsuits prohibits this strategy. All it takes is one cat being, well, a cat and you’d have a major lawsuit.

    This is what urban sprawl does. The guy complaining just needs to suck it up. He can either have a mostly rodent free living area or he can have a huge backyard and large bits of converted farmland. Don’t like mice, then move to the city. Otherwise, tough shit. Don’t build your sprawl on mice territory.

  12. dirtymoney says:


    Actually, with the traps I mentioned…. you dont need to lure them to the traps. You place the traps along the walls & areas where mice typically run. Both traps provide cover & rely on the mouse’s natural instinct to squeeze/move through small spaces/tunnels. That is why there is no need to bait them. Believe me…. i had a mouse problem a while back & these traps worked like a charm…. and quickly, where the traditional baited snap mouse traps had failed.

  13. target_veteran says:


    How are they on the cruelty front? Cruel as advocating the cat solution sounds, I’d rather have that than bleeding/starving to death. The cat solution is fairly natural, as things go.

  14. dirtymoney says:


    As long as are caught & killed, then I could care less how cruel it is. Mice are invading vermin (that spread filth & disease) & deserve no mercy.

  15. goller321 says:

    @bmwloco: There was a time when this was not the case. About 6 years ago, Home Depot cut starting wages by 40%, and cut staffing by 50%. Thanks Bob Nardelli for screwing up a good working business model.
    I have to disagree with the Lowes comment though. They are at best, the same as HD. Neither have employees that know squat and neither have a decent product offering. Blue vs. Orange is the only difference I see.

  16. Annath says:

    My local Lowes actually does have an undomesticated cat in their store. They actually call it the store-cat, and it keeps any possible mouse problem in check. Apparently, it knows not to use the restroom in the store because I’ve never seen any feline waste.

  17. TechnoDestructo says:

    I think a cat living in a Home Depot might be the happiest cat in the world.

    So many comfortable hidey-holes, so many places to climb and scurry, and all sheltered from predators and the elements.

  18. gaberussell says:

    For the record, the Home Depot in Marlborough, MA has a cat living in the lighting section. I haven’t inspected the bird seed, but I’d imagine he makes is rounds on the graveyard shift.

  19. BlondeGrlz says:

    @target_veteran: I had a whole happy mouse family under my stove. I thought poison or kill traps were cruel so I got catch and release type traps. The stupid mice ignored the traps, ran around the house and got mauled by my cats. One cat enjoys eating just their heads and leaving the rest as a gift. But it makes the cats happy and no more mices eating my food.

  20. FLConsumer says:

    @target_veteran: Then you’re just trading mice for rats.

  21. Artnchicken says:

    PetSmart doesn’t sell cats or dogs; they do have local animal shelters bring animals in for people to adopt though. Not sure if they do it all the time.

  22. leftystrat says:

    Is anyone seriously surprised by this?

    The last time I went into Home Depot was the last time I went into Home Depot. After waiting 15 minutes for one of their mind-controlled drones, I was told that `they’re all in the back, chatting and avoiding being on the floor.’

    Every trip into that store was a disaster.

    I’m much happier now that I shop at Lowes. At very least, their mind control results in a much better class of employee.

    But let’s face it – these corporations are not run for your benefit. They’re run by bean counters, who have discovered that paying one of the Great Unwashed $7.50 an hour results in a much better bonus and compensation package for Upper Manglement and keeps the stockholders at bay until they can think up the next Great Idea.

    As a result, we get people who shouldn’t be allowed near humans working wherever we shop. Or, heaven forbid, EAT.

    As for pets, my cat plays fetch and greets strangers warmly.
    He’s deadly when chasing mice, though.
    Unfortunately, the dog sees the cat playing with a mouse and has to get in on the action. Have you ever seen a dog chase a mouse while trying to keep his cat away from it?

    Ah, sibling cross-species rivalry.

  23. nardo218 says:

    Who wrote this article? Proofread, people. Don’t drunk post.

  24. trollkiller says:

    @nardo218: It’s ok if you drunk read.

  25. HOP says:

    it ain’t my yob……….

  26. Chairman-Meow says:


    Wow…and I thought I was the only one who had a cat that only ate the tasty front-end. Our Orange Tabby leaves us the back-end/tail intact as a handy way to dispose of the remains. :-)

  27. Buran says:

    @Skiffer: “Mongooses” is correct. I know this because I have a friend who’s a mongoose fanatic, so I asked him once which was the right plural form.

    Seriously, though, now you know why invasive species are such a pain. What if you introduce something that has no predators?

    Ask the Australians how that rabbit thing is going.

    Rabbits in Australia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia