Electrical Failure, How Do I Get Liberty Mutual To Call Me Back?

Ryan writes:

“Hi, I’ve experienced a electrical failure on my property last week resulting in the loss of use of my home as well as many electric devices (appliances, heat, water pump). The day I filed the claim I was told by two people at Liberty Mutual that a person from their emergency department would contact me the same day because of my situation (having an elderly person in the household) and my claim handler would call me the next day.

It has been five days and I have heard from no one….”

Every time I call the claims department I get put on hold or get voicemail. My policy says I can get money in advance to handle my immediate expenses (since I have had to move my family into a hotel and I am going to need to pay contractors to fix the basic use of my house again).

Any advice on the steps I should follow to escalate this matter and get my insurance company to actually process my claim?


We’re assuming that the electrical failure is covered under a policy you have with Liberty Mutual, so maybe you just need a dose of TLE, Tender Loving Escalation. Here’s three sure-fire ways to get their attention:

Executive Email Carpet Bomb – Gather the email addresses for company’s executives and send them all your complaint letter.
Executive Customer Service. Navigate to a high-level executive’s office and pitch your complaint.
Faxing For Dollars. Find an appropriate company fax number and send your complaint letter in over and over again until they call you.

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