Comcast Apologizes For Calling You A Liar

George, who was called a liar by an ill-tempered Comcast CSR (who didn’t believe that George had been quoted a lower price than the one that was noted on his account) has written in to let us know that Comcast apologized:

So, thanks to your amazing help my Comcast problem was fixed immediately. Not only did they apologize but I received free installation as well as money credited to my account. I can not think you enough for your help. You, the consumerist, are my new hero.

Aw, shucks. Good job, Comcast.


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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I don’t believe him >_>

  2. ColoradoShark says:

    I hate to let Comcast off the hook that easily. How about the other 99% of the customers who were treated that way and don’t know about Consumerist? They get a bad deal.

    No doubt Comcast will say this is an isolated incident, never happened before, will never happen again, retraining will happen and the ever persuasive “takes it very seriously”.

  3. Walrii says:

    You know, this is like the umpteenth time that Comcast has been mentioned in the Consumerist for doing something poorly/wrong/idiotic… I’m no genius but I AM starting to see a pattern here.

  4. BigNutty says:

    Same old standard company response.

  5. vaxman says:

    I like happy ending ;)

  6. vaxman says:

    gimme a break, everyone else is already gone home from work but i’m stuck here answering the phones :P lol

  7. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @vaxman: What do you work in a massage parlor? LOL J/K I couldn’t help it. Take heart I am still stuck at work too..

  8. agb says:

    nearly all of these problems could be avoided with

    1. an adequate company-wide, cross-departmental CRM (customer relationship management) software, and
    2. a company-wide, cross-departmental document management system to ensure all employees could see policy changes, new pricing structures, proper escalation procedures, etc.

    there’s no way these 2 things would cost more than their horrendous customer service is costing them

  9. LAGirl says:

    i am SO SICK of this same old story over and over:

    1. company screws up

    2. customer complains, asks company to fix screw-up

    3. company tells customer to “f*ck off + die”

    4. customer rats out company to

    5. forces company to make amends through public shaming

    6. all is right the world again

    when are companies going to ‘man up’ and treat customers right from the get-go??? DANG.

  10. ogman says:

    Too little, too late. I got Comcast out of my life a couple of months ago. Between getting rid of them and Verizon, life just can’t get much better!

  11. noquarter says:

    Given that this is Comcast he’s dealing with, I wouldn’t call it resolved yet. They’ve told him that they’ll charge the lower rate, they’ve told him that they’ll do a free install, and they’ve told him that they’ll credit his account.

    Who wants to place bets on which of those things will actually happen?

  12. savdavid says:

    Most people either suffer in silence, complain to friends and family or feel helpless against a giant like Comcast. As long as the FCC allows monopolies to exists more people will fall prey to their indifference (both the companies’ and the FCC’s).

  13. DallasDMD says:

    @savdavid: How exactly do you propose not having cable monopolies? Unlike phone lines (star toplogy), the bus topology of the cable network really cannot feasibly support the notion of multiple carriers.

    The FCC or whomever just needs to enforce a set of customer service guidelines upon these companies so that these failures are taken seriously on a systematic level to help prevent future occurences.