Tech Didn't Show Up? Email Time Warner Cable

Reader G writes in with a success story. After her husband took off work to meet a Time Warner technician, they found out that their appointment time had been mysteriously changed. A quick search on Consumerist for some Time Warner executives and a polite email later, G had a technician at her home.

After arriving home from vacation, we found our internet was out. Several reboots later nothing was working. My husband called customer support on Sunday and spoke with a Level 2 technician who acted as if he was doing us a favor with his over the phone troubleshooting. His hands were tied, he explained to us, because we don’t have other “services” such as digital phone or cable. He did schedule an appointment for a technician to come to our home between 8am and 9pm!

My husband decided to take the day off to meet with the technician so he had access to our home. He called them again around 1pm on Monday and got to talk to India! Apparently our new confirmed appointment time was now 8pm to midnight. After yelling at the guy, it was becoming obvious – no one was coming to our home today.

I went to your website (that I love) did a search for Time Warner and found a link to some executives’ e-mail addresses. At 4pm I e-mailed the Austin Division President:

Subject: Subrouter Issue

Mr. Kinney (Division President):

My husband and I have internet service through Time Warner. Our internet has been out since Friday evening. In the past when rebooting your router did not work, the problem has been found to be a sub router on your end. Typically this occurs when new service is set up for another customer.

We called your customer support and were told to expect a technician today between 8am and 9pm! My husband decided to stay home from work to meet with your technician. Concerned that he has not received a phone call to confirm a time, he contacted your company again.

Speaking to your call center in India, he was told the new appointment time is 8pm to midnight! I am sure this is an error and you do not expect your technicians to troubleshoot a problem on your end after dark in a neighborhood during sleeping hours.

Your assistance in getting our internet service up and running quickly is greatly appreciated. We have been Time Warner customers of the Austin area for 3 years, and Time Warner customers in North Carolina for 4 years. That is 7 years of continuous customer support with on time payment of our bills. I am sure you do not want to lose such loyalty.

Thank you for your time with this matter.

Sincerely, Mrs. Name Withheld Mr. Name Withheld

At 4:30 I got a phone call from my husband: “I don’t know what you told them, but they are jumping now”

At 6pm a technician was at our home and an hour later our internet was fixed. I gave the guy a bottled water (I am sure he had a long day), and took his name down. I e-mailed the Division President back:

Subject: Thank You

Mr. Kinney:

Shortly after I sent you the original e-mail, my husband received a phone call from your company. The technician arrived around 6pm and stayed until the job was completed. The issue was as suspected – a sub router due to a new installation. The technician could have left and placed a work order for someone else to fix it but he didn’t. He stayed until the job was completed. Impressive.

The technician’s name was Name Withheld. He was polite, knowledgeable and extremely professional.

Thank you for your attention and assistance with this matter.

Sincerely, Mrs. Name Withheld
Mr. Name Withheld
Happy Time Warner Customers

Unfortunately the guy did have to troubleshoot in the dark.

Thank you Consumerist!


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  1. CanadianDominic says:

    This kind of problem could be solved by giving CSR’s the authority to deal with problems. Executives should not have to step in for day-to-day issues that come up.

  2. Buran says:

    “Sub router”?

  3. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    They must have a bunch of computers connected to the line. We once had a sub-router so that six computers could be used. We had two D-Link, four port routers, one running through the first, so that a total of seven computers could be hooked up.

    But more importantly, how do you email them if that was your only Internet connection?

  4. dorianh49 says:

    @Greasy Thumb Guzik: The wife probably sent the e-mail from work.

  5. kenposan says:

    Thread jack:

    TW sent a tech out today because we “lost” several channels. He told my wife it’d be a week before it was fixed (never clearly explaining the problem). My wife turned the TV on to find NO channels working. She called CS who sent the tech back, who was rude and curt, probably because he knew he screwed up and now there was a log of his screwing up.

    thread jack over.

  6. johnva says:

    @Greasy Thumb Guzik:

    You don’t need a second router to do that. You can just plug a small switch into the other router, and let it hand out IP’s. No need to duplicate functionality unless you’ve just got the equipment lying around. I’m still not sure what they meant by “sub-router”, either.

  7. Goatweed says:

    I had a similar situation with them last summer, my old Toshiba modem died and when I called them they referred me to the Express Service center where I could just swap it for a new one. Upon arriving I was told there were no modems on hand, that I would need to schedule a service call (which was free, a plus since it was their screw up).

    Long story short, three techs, a new Moto Surfboard and almost a combined 3 1/2 weeks later I finally got my connection back to where it was (slightly faster actually) and I had racked up 2 months of free cable & internet from them. The first tech came to work on a broken cable box, the second came for the modem but he insisted it was the company’s signal, left & never returned and the third was one of the best techs I’ve ever had.

    I understand that the world isn’t perfect but when people pay upwards of $150 for service & said service goes out, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get things resolved.

  8. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    Time Warner (here in Charlotte) has been the most infuriating experience I have ever had with a company.
    Their CSRs are nice enough, but they know nothing. Their cable is unreliable, and their internet conks out on me daily.
    Thank Buddha I am getting my Directv back next week.

  9. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    We had the second router already.
    Took 2 hours on the phone with D-Link support to make it work though & the guy who set it up is an expert programmer.

  10. TMurphy says:

    Subrouter: It means they found a neighbor’s koi pond, and put a router in it, contained in a submersible vehicle.

  11. royal72 says:

    time warner cable does not give a fuck about your business, nor you and your best bet is to take your business somewhere else if you can…

    i’m in the process of moving by the end of the month, so i called twc to switch my services (complete phone/cable/internet package) to the new address. my appointment was set up for the 26th, as that was the soonest available. friday the 16th, i get a call that the tech is running a little late and will be at my place at 4:00 pm?! wtf, the appointment is on the 26th?… ok… well the sooner the better. my boss let’s me leave early (sans 2 hours of vacation time) and i high tail it to meet the tech. i’ll skip ahead to 5:45 pm, since not a damn thing happened and NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP (didn’t call either).

    oh yeah i forgot to mention, the day after i made the appointment a couple weeks ago, my phone service magically stopped working. assuming correctly, i spend 45 minutes with customer service on my neighbors phone, while they figure out what they screwed up… back to friday the 16th, i’m very unhappy with the whole situation. i plan to call the next day, reschedule, and ask for some sort of compensation for their wonderful act of unprofessionalism… would you care to guess what happened the next day?… I CAN’T FUCKING CALL, because my phone is turned off again. calling from the office, i once more enjoy the automated system that wastes another ten minutes just trying to talk to a real person. i’ve called so many times now, i just rattle off the shit they’re gonna ask me “for security purposes” to speed things along, “[name]… [address]… [last 4 of social]… yes, i need to cancel all my services effective immediately… yes for both addresses, the old and the new one… nope that’s it. bye.”

    they really couldn’t have cared less. anytime i’ve ever canceled anything, either they do just about anything to try to keep you, or they at least ask you why you’re canceling. in a way i’m glad i didn’t get the whole “i apologize for that sir, we certainly do appreciate you as a customer” retention garbage… so bye, bye twc. don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out… and just on principle, if i move again and i can’t get anything, but time warner cable, my family is just going to have to learn to live without regular tv.

  12. adehus says:

    Oddly enough, I had fairly decent customer service from Time-Warner yesterday. They were late to install at my new place, so I called to see what was going on. I got a $20.00 credit for the inconvenience and a new ETA. When the installation tech missed the second arrival time, I got another $20.00 credit and he showed up shortly thereafter. Everything else went smoothly.

    I’ve always been very anti-TW up to now, and with good reason, but they seem to be coming around now that WOW Cable is eating away at their customer base in my area. (I would have gone with WOW at my new place, but they didn’t have cable running down this particular street).

  13. abenton says:

    A sub-router eh? Yea…. I’m gonna have to agree to disagree on that one.

  14. kimberlyb1983 says:

    I’m searching for a contact at Time Warner Mid-Ohio. Anyone have any clues?

  15. Destro916 says:

    On Tuesday, April 15, 2008 a Time Warner representative came to our home to install the digital telephone modem which would also provide our internet service.

    My husband observed an insect walking on the modem box and asked what it was and the employee seemed dazed and confused.

    After the installer left, my husband and I saw cockroach after cockroach emerge from the modem. We killed them as quickly as we could. We have never seen roaches in our house before. Our house is free-standing and many yards away from neighbor homes.

    I called Time Warner insisting that they come to remove the modem. The woman I spoke with insisted that I had to be wrong and that it was impossible for cockroaches to be in the modem. She refused my request that Time Warner come on the following day to remove and replace the offending modem, which housed a swarm of roaches.

    We wrapped the modem up in plastic and duct tape.

    On Saturday, April 19, 2008 when the representative came to replace the modem, we had arranged for a witness to be with us. We took the modem to the front porch, removed the plastic bag, and a number of cockroach bodies fell out. The Time Warner worker agreed that modems sometimes came from other people’s homes and were reused. He suggested that the modem may have first been used in a contaminated home or that it was possible that the first installer may have had cockroaches in his truck.

    In the meantime, cockroaches of all sizes and ages are in our study. We try to kill them as we can. We would not have had this infestation were it not for the Time Warner modem.