"Comcast Flat-Out Calls Me A Liar"

Reader George is unhappy with Comcast and he doesn’t even have it yet.

About a week ago, I called 1-800-Comcast. I’d just across the country, from Michigan to Oregon (go Ducks), and after a couple days of not having decent internet access or TV, it seemed my choices were either 1) blow up my apartment and take everyone with me, or 2) call Comcast. I chose the latter. This was, in hindsight, a mistake. The woman I spoke to on the phone originally was nice, and helpful. A good customer service representative. She set up our installation appointment and the packages I wanted with no trouble. Because this was a new installation, she told me I’d be getting discounts on the services I chose for 6 months ($19.99 cable internet and $14.99 cable TV). They scheduled the installation date for Tuesday, November 20th.

On the 19th (Today), I called them to confirm the installation the next day, like you do in these situations. The man I spoke to informed me of something interesting: 1) That the prices I was given for the cable TV, internet, and installation were going to be much higher than I was told (“that’s what the computer says”). Naturally, I was a bit upset about this. I’m a student, I just moved 2,000 miles away from home, and I don’t even have a job here, yet. Every dollar counts.

So, I took issue with this, as any red-blooded (also, broke) person would, and his rationale was that I must have simply gotten confused, called the wrong number (how wrong can you dial 1-800-COMCAST?) or was just lying to him. So, as of today, Comcast has, in addition to trying to screw me with higher-than-quoted prices, called me a liar when I wouldn’t just go with their “well the computer says” line. I’m very angry, as one might expect.

I’ve reported this incident to their system, but what are the odds they’ll even respond? So, now I’m sending this to you, Consumerist. Help me.

We’re going to toss this one out to the readers but before we do, our advice would be to put on your negotiating pants and ask to speak to a retention specialist. They will have the most leeway when it comes to compensating you for what (we assume) was a mistake by the CSR who quoted you the prices.

Commenters, what should George do?

UPDATE: George writes:

So, thanks to your amazing help my Comcast problem was fixed immediately. Not only did they apologize but I received free instillation as well as money credited to my account. I can not think you enough for your help. You, the consumerist, are my new hero.

Aw, shucks.


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