Police Blotter On Demand? Comcast Helps Catch Bank Robbers Thanks To Bored People

Comcast has issued a press release claiming that they’re helping to solve crimes with something called “Police Blotter On Demand” a trial program launched in the Philadelphia area.

The program shows suveillance video of recent crimes as well as video profiles of bank robbers and missing persons from the Philadelphia Police Department’s “Most Wanted” list.

“This Comcast offering gives us a new and effective way to take advantage of technology to reach the public,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Jody Weis. “Police Blotter allows the public to study the surveillance photos and learn important details about the criminals and crimes. We believe the ability to pause and rewind for closer review could help viewers make important connections and associations they might otherwise miss.”

Well, that’s weird, but cool.

FBI Harnesses Power of on Demand From Comcast to Track Criminals, Find Missing Persons, Make Communities Safer (Press Release)

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