Starbucks Rolls Out Christmas Cups, Christmas Blends, And Christmas Music – Seven Weeks Before Christmas

Corporate America has a new ally in the war to spread unseasonable holiday cheer. Thanksgiving may be two weeks away, but according to one sharp-eyed reader, that isn’t stopping the coffee behemoth Starbucks from bludgeoning consumers with Christmas.

Just last year, the Seattle Times wrote: “Something [consumers] don’t want — and which Starbucks will hold until after Thanksgiving — are the holiday tunes.”

Well guess what, you can’t celebrate Christmas in November without Christmas songs, so along with its sense of time and decency, Starbucks is chucking the pre-Thanksgiving ban on annoying holiday music. From Cajun Boy:

When I entered the store, I immediately noticed a change in the environment that both stunned and slightly horrified me. Everywhere I looked, it was Christmas. Christmas songs were playing on the store soundtrack. I immediately glanced down at my watch to confirm that yes, it was indeed November 8th and still something like 7 weeks until fucking Christmas.

Please, don’t tell Louis Black or his head will explode.

holy s*#t it’s christmas!!! [Cajun Boy in the City]