US Airways had the most consumer complaints of any airline for the month of September, with 2.13 complaints for every 100,000 passengers. [Phoenix Business Journal via Consumerama]


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  1. jtrouch says:

    0.02% How bad is that? Hmmm I wonder how many other “mega use” topics can claim that low a complaint rate? Phone co, power co, auto co, etc?

  2. jtrouch says:

    Ooops missed an additional decimal place!

  3. MercuryPDX says:

    I flew back to Portland from Tampa with them (through Phoenix) just this week and all I can say is never again.

    I felt constantly “marketed to”: Ads for headphones on the tray tables, the option to buy a meal in flight ($7 sandwich, or $5 assorted snack box), then at least three plugs for their air miles credit card.

    It’s sad that the demand for lower fares has created this kind of beast, sales pitches and poor service, but we’re all getting what we asked/paid for aren’t we?

  4. mrken30 says:

    But to be fair, 2 complaints for every 100,000 customers is not too bad, I’m sure its probably higher for some low cost airlines in Europe.

    eg:Grace Rogers booked the cruise of a lifetime around Alaska in May 2007. She booked with Flyglobespan to get to Vancouver, where her boat was waiting. However, when her flight to Vancouver made a scheduled stop in Calgary, she and the other passengers were ordered off the plane. Grace had to make her own way the extra 600 miles to the ship.