Chevy: We Don't Care That The "Our Country" Song Is Annoying And Everyone Hates It

Do you hate, “Our Country,” the John Mellencamp song that Chevy uses to promote their line of trucks? You’re not alone. Everyone hates it, according to Newsweek.

Chevy doesn’t care, though. They’re glad you hate it and that you scream and mute the TV whenever it comes on. (Or maybe that’s just me.) They think the campaign has been a success, and are actually making more “Our Country” commercials, despite heavy criticism from people who are sick of the song.

Newsweek says:

“By any measure,” says Chevy spokesman Terry Rhadigan, “this campaign has been a success.” (That’s relative, though: Chevy Silverado sales have been flat over the life of the song–and the overall pickup-truck market is off 2 percent.) Rhadigan says Chevy is aware of the negative buzz but has no plans to throttle back.

I don’t know about you, and I’m sure this isn’t healthy, but I’ve never experienced such pure and intense hatred for anything as I feel for that “Our Country” song. I hate it. I actually miss Bob Seger.

Apparently, I’m not completely alone in this:

ESPN columnist Bill Simmons has made a crusade of lampooning the ads, and his readers are backing him up with postings like this: Mellencamp “needs to go into the witness protection program because I am ready to snap and go OJ on him … for ruining another postseason.”

A quick search through Simmons’ columns reveals this observation: “it’s the only commercial that causes Stockholm Syndrome.”

Do you hate this song, too?

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