Reader Gets 5-Month Old Overcharge Fixed After Calling Tmobile Executive Switchboard

“I woke up this morning particularly frustrated and decided today was the day I was chaining myself to the local t-mobile counter. You know they make you feel like you could be capable of these things. I thought if I wore my best shoes and handbag, people would know I wasn’t crazy :). Deciding against this course of action after about 3 coffee’s, I searched on the internet. After about 30 minutes, I found your article.”

I have been trying since July 5th to get t-mobile to issue a replacement for a cell phone that was fully insured. They have charged me full rates since July 5th on that phone. One time they offered to temporarily suspend my number until I could resolve the issue, after 29 days of that suspension, I caught them trying to default my contract. They had accidentally charged me the $220.00 fee after 29 days instead of 30, thus running into my payment margin, so I caught it before the 30 days. They never mentioned this to me at the initial time of suspension. They have been crooked, irritating, rude, downright nasty at times. It has been something I thought I was just going to have to end up dealing with myself, from my own pocket. I had a $600.00 phone, so it wasn’t easy for me to replace it with the situation in our current economy.

I called, the rep was rude at first. I think I caught him 1st thing after he walked in the door. We went a few rounds on the phone, and finally I told him that I had paid for his time for the last 4 months, and he could damn well give me that. So he did. After he listened to everything, he verified it on my account… he changed his tune for sure. They have issued credits for my phone usage, or should I say – un-usage. They issued credit for my insurance for those months, they credited my account for the extra services I have that I haven’t used since July, and gave me an upgrade which I was not eligible for until next May, which in turn, replaced my phone for me for about $60.00 less than my deductible, with a new, fully insured phone.

I am thrilled. This has been that nagging fly in the back of my mind for the last God knows how long.

I really appreciate the posting of that information. The reps in customer service departments guard that info with their life! It’s terrible!!!

Thank you so much. I feel much better now, and thank God I can give my daughter back her phone now.

You have a wonderful day, and many blessings for your having solved this problem for me.

Jennifer C.

Jennifer got success after calling the T-Mobile corporate switchboard at 1-425-378-4000. But it wasn’t easy, she had to aggressively engage the rep who picked up in order to get him to listen to her. We like the phrase she used, something along the lines of, “I’ve been paying for your time for the last four months so the least you can do let me have four minutes.” The sentence’s parallel construction helps drive the train of thought forward. There’s probably a fancy term for what kind of argument this is, we don’t know its name, just that it’s another arrow in your quiver when doing battle with the customer service dragon.

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