How To Pick A Good Doctor

“Most people spend more time picking out a can of beans than a new doctor,” says one expert in a Chicago Tribune article about how to find a properly licensed doctor that you’ll get along with. He and other experts recommend you arrange for a “first date” sort of interview, so you can ask general questions and get an overall feel for both the doctor and the practice, before the time comes when you need a doctor and don’t have the luxury of shopping around.

They suggest starting with an online directory like DoctorFinder, then confirm that your insurance plan will honor their charges. Call the doctor and find out what hospitals he or she uses, and do some background research via whatever online license look-up services your state offers.

You’ll probably have to pay for the interview yourself, unless you find a young doctor willing to offer a free meet-and-greet to help build a practice. Prepare your questions ahead of time so that you don’t get flustered and forget anything on the day of your interview—the article has a long list of things to think about asking.

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