Email Circuit City Executive Customer Service

Circuit City sent us the email address for their consumer affairs division. You can contact them there if you have a complaint not resolvable at the store level or by calling regular customer service.

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  1. Canadian Impostor says:

    Wow an email address they can ignore. Super.

  2. jwarner132 says:

    @Canadian Impostor:

    The high-level executives have probably been bombarded with emails since the Consumerist posted their email addresses recently, and would rather have the emails sent to this address to be more easily ignored.

  3. ogman says:

    People, people, dealing with Circuit City is really easy…DON’T!

  4. charmaniac says:

    I went to Circuit City earlier this year to buy a Samsung widecreen computer monitor. 3 things I noticed:

    1. The guy who was supposed to help me seemed annoyed by my presence.

    2. All of the monitors were hooked up to one signal which was an advertisement for Firedog – Circuit City’s answer to the Geek Squad. As a result, the monitor I was interested in looked terrible and was not even running its native resolution.

    3. The gentleman who was supposed to be helping me but was really just annoyed by my presence informed me that I would incur a 15% restocking fee if I returned the monitor for any reason, despite the fact that you couldn’t even play with the monitor in the store because the signal was so poor. He even went to the back to confirm with his manager.

    I promptly went to Fry’s electronics where I was able to test and buy the monitor happily sold to me by a very nice african american woman with 4″ fingernails. I also bought a couple of games. Circuit City needs some serious help. I think I will short their stock.

  5. Ailu says:

    In defense of CC, I have to say, all my experiences with them have been exceptional. Much more positive experience than BB. One day while drooling over their offering of 1040i’s, I stated that I’d seen the same 1040i Sony TV at BB for $500 less. (Yes, BB had offered it at that price – however, it was a mistake and only lasted a day, a month earlier. But circumstances prevented me from buying it then.) Even so, they offered to match that price! So I bought my 1040i that day. Still haven’t seen the price as low as I bought it for that day anywhere, and it’s been nearly a year. And aaah, how this TV is a delight to the eyes!

  6. akronharry says:

    Thanks to the Consumerist for posting e-mail addresses to Circuit City.

    Here is my story which is contained in the e-mail below that I sent to those addresses.. I sent the message Sunday. Since last Sunday I wrote them again and called customer service at 800-251-2665 who passed me to three people before I was told they could not do anything. To me I think it was a mistake on their part and they just don’t want to say “oops, we will take care of it.

    date Nov 18, 2007 11:48 AM
    subject Acer Aspire 4315-2490 Advertising Errors

    An ad listed the Acer Aspire 4315-2490 14.1″ Widescreen Laptop Model
    #: ACA AS43152490 for 479.99 for November 18th. A 200 dollar rebate
    could be sent in making the price $279.99.

    We looked it up on the Circit City website and it stated that it would
    be on sale online at 10:00. At 10:00 I attempted several times to
    purchase the computer and it would not process the order. Around 10:20
    a message stated something to the effect that the computer had to be
    bought in the stores and the website listed stores that had

    The Bainbridge, Ohio store was of no help. I had to call 5 times
    because of “disconnections”. With the 5th call,
    I started to give my credit card information to a sales person when
    someone said something to him and
    he then stated that he could not sell it over the phone. He would not
    give any other information.

    I called several other stores that the Web listed as still having the
    computer in stock and they said they were out of stock.

    My final call was to the Niles, Ohio store and “Mike” the manager
    stated that they had them, but the price was for
    online sales only.

    The bottom line was: I could not by the computer online and have it
    shipped, I could not buy it online and pick it up at a store,
    and then stores told me that this was for online sales only.

    Please let me know what I can do to purchase this computer at the
    advertised price.

    I would love to have someone from CC reply but I guess it won’t happen.

    • BernardFantaztical says:

      @akronharry: Well I work at Circuit City. Contrary to popular belief, our store has a great atmosphere and good service. I love my job and I like helping people find what’s right for them.
      That being said.. your situation sounds complicated. We normally match our web prices (until we started the new One Price Promise.. now the prices should be the same anyway.) However I THINK some items still have web-only deals. I mean it just sounds like the website was having issues, which can’t really be blamed on anyone. I don’t think an instance like this should be enough to stop you from coming to our stores. Sometimes bad things happen but we are trying to turn it around and it won’t happen without the support of our customers!

  7. djmattymac says:

    hey, the last one is my store!!! yay!!!

    we cant take a payment over the phone for something like that due to customer protection. i wouldnt give my cc # out to someone i cant look in the face. thats common sense.

    why are you buying an acer? enough said.

    if the ad was a paper ad, come into the store. we will honor it. however, some items, including cheap acers and elements and such, cant be rainchecked because they are not kept in ready supply. the web can go down from time to time, but keep trying. it happens to me all the time, but i keep trying and eventually it works.