Complain Like A Pro In 10 Easy Steps

MSNBC has 10 ways to be a more effective complainer. We’ve added some twists of our own and linked back to relevant posts on making them happen.

1. Stay calm and polite, even excessively so
2. Don’t delay – the longer you wait, the more the company will wonder if the problem is really serious
3. Seek special treatment if warranted.
4. Try the easiest approach first – the customer service line!
5. Keep good records – write down the names of everyone you talk to and what was discussed. Timestamp.
6. Contact top a level executive
7. Be specific
8. Know where else you can turn – state and federal agencies, your local media, The Consumerist…
9. Maintain your momentum – persistence is a virtue
10. If they give you shit, consider throwing some hardballs

Got a complaint? You can air it and get results [MSNBC via Consumer World Blog]
(Photo: amyadoyzie)

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