Mattel Announces Recall Of 155,000 Toys

Today Mattel announced a recall of 155,000 Mexican-made toys being sold in countries throughout Europe and the United States. There’s no lead contamination this time around; the recall was announced “due to concerns that small pieces could detach from the toys and cause children to choke.” The product is the Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen Toy, part of the Fisher-Price range.

The day before, Mattel and Hasbro execs met with European Union officials to discuss the repercussions of widespread toy recalls, so… Oops? We’re not sure whether this is a bad thing, because it reveals more of Mattel’s design-based safety issues, or a good thing, because Mattel can say, “See how responsible we are, EU? Don’t ban us!”

“Mattel recalls 155,000 Mexican-made toys” [Reuters]

Mattel Recall Notice [Mattel]
Laugh & Learn™ Kitchen Toys Recalled by Fisher-Price Due To Choking Hazard [CPSC]


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  1. MatthewVA says:

    Even though it seems like you can’t throw a child’s toy without hitting a recall announcement, it honestly makes me feel a little better knowing that the powers that be are watching for these things a little more closely.

    Did anyone else here about Bush’s announcements about consumer safety? check it out: []

    Heading in the right direction?

    Still a little concerned that places like Wal-Mart continue to pressure Chinese suppliers to work faster, harder, cheaper (another Kayne remix anyone?) — wouldn’t it be nice if they took a leading roll, instead of continuing to abuse the system just to make 4 cents more?

    Hoping 2008 is safer, better, stronger for consumers. Wal-mart and co… hope you are listening!!!

  2. darkened says:

    Am I the only person that thinks if your kid is so stupid and you’re such a bad parent that they choke on one of their toys, it’s a funny thing called natural selection making the gene pool better for the rest of us?

  3. mk says:

    Generally I agree, if a toy is small (fits inside a toilet paper tube is the general rule of thumb) you don’t give it to a small child. However, if a toy is made and marketed to small children, such as this one, it shouldn’t have those small, choking hazard pieces.

  4. homerjay says:

    @darkened: YOu’re half right. Its not so much that your kids are too stupid to keep from eating everyhing- its that parents are giving toys like this to kids too young to know better than to avoid sticking things in their mouths. Toddlers aren’t smart. Thats why they don’t come through the birth canal holding a degree from Harvard. Its up to the parents to keep them from killing themselves.

  5. homerjay says:

    By the way, if you do a little research before posting there, Walt, you’ll notice that the part you circled is actually about the size of a childs head.


  6. BigNutty says:

    Thank you DARKENED, I couldn’t have said it better. How in the hell did we all survive as kids?

  7. lostalaska says:

    Anyone remember the whole thing about crayons from some asian country having lead in them about 10 years ago? I just remember one mom talking to a news reporter about how she’d watch her kid eat like 5 of the crayons in a single sitting and then claim she can’t believe something thats supposed to be safe had lead in it.

    Last time I checked crayons weren’t ever designed to be eaten by small children. Then again small children will put anything and everything into their mouths. That’s why I’m gonna be the savior of small children everywhere with my new Super Deluxe Baby Muzzle. I’m gonna make a fortune, I got the guy that invented the toddler leash to help me out…. //end sarcasm

    Hey parents! Too tired to parent or just too drunk to care? Well the baby muzzle is for you!!!

  8. jrdnjstn78 says:

    Well I have two boys who are not at the ages that they don’t stick toys in their mouths. I do remember when they were small though and mistakes do happen. My never choked on any toy.

    I do remember one time we were outside. I have a bush that grows red little berries on it during certain times of the year. Anyways I think I went into the house to grab something and here comes my youngest with one of those stupid berries shoved up his nose! I tried and tried to get it out and thought that I might have to take him to the hosp. to get it out, well finally it came out.

    We all can’t blame all parents, especially when the toy is made for a certain age group. There are some parents who are very cautious about what their child gets and then there are parents who could care less. Small children are very curious too and it seems like everything goes in the mouth. There are so many things you learn in your baby’s first year.

  9. @homerjay: The image was pulled directly from the Mattel press release—they put the circle around the object in question. You can see for yourself if you click the link under RELATED and download the pdf.

    I always appreciate corrections because god knows I make plenty of errors. But I don’t think you should assume I’m blithely posting without doing “research” first.

  10. TechnoDestructo says:

    Gee, if I hadn’t been a little kid when a lot of stuff was still made of metal, I might not have made it through my pre-K years.

  11. marsneedsrabbits says:

    The statements by the CEO of Mattel bragging about not having to follow the laws regarding safety and recalls has been the gift that keeps on giving this year: [] Every recall makes his statements that much funnier.

    I’m done with shopping for Christmas for the kids in my life, and for the first time probably since I’ve done Christmas shopping, there is not a single Mattel or Fisher Price toy. For that matter, pretty much everything is hand-made. Some European, some American. No lead or small parts to choke on.

  12. homerjay says:

    @Chris Walters: Well, that shut me up!


  13. matdevdug says:

    This is just sad. I mean, I really don’t understand how it can possibly be this difficult to keep lead out of CHILDREN’S TOYS. Call me stupid.

  14. @homerjay: What’s “funny” is that I originally reported that this was just happening in Europe, not the U.S. — Meghan caught the domestic press release and updated the entry so it would be accurate. So clearly I do make stupid mistakes. I just try to research them first. :)

  15. homerjay says:

    @Chris Walters: Oh good, then you ARE as dumb as the rest of us! :)

    There’s always a risk when you try to call somebody out. Thats why I hardly ever do it.