Safeway DVD Kiosk Comes With Credit Card Skimming Device

Crafty identity thieves attached a credit card skimming device to a DVD kiosk at a Colorado Safeway. The 2-inch skimming device was discovered only after a customer asked a Safeway employee for help after his card wouldn’t scan.

They both determined that an electronic device had been put above the actual credit card reader. It was a device that was used to scan someone’s credit card when they swiped it through the slot. They were able to take the device off of the box and turn it over to the deputies on scene. The device was taken into evidence for processing.

At this time, this is the only report that detectives have received about this type of device being attached to a DVD rental box in the county. Deputies did check out other businesses close by and did not find any other of these devices.

Consumers should always be aware of potential identity theft traps. If you see any sort of device hovering ominously above a credit card reader, ask the store to call the cops.

Sheriff Weaver as well as the detectives who handle these types of identity theft cases want to remind citizens to be extra careful when using credit cards at these types of unmanned machines.

This could apply to ATM’s, automated fuel station pumps, DVD rental boxes, vending machines, concert or event type machines, or any other machine that may ask you to scan your credit card without actually dealing with a clerk or employee.

ID thieves install credit card reader on DVD kiosk []
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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