Congratulations, You've Earned $0.00 Borders Bucks!

Remember Allison? Borders refused to sell her a copy of Harry Potter without a plastic bag to serve as a proof of purchase. Allison recently received an email from Borders inviting her to print out a certificate to redeem $0.00 Borders Bucks. How lucrative wasteful. Allison writes:

Hello, Consumerist!

I was the woman who wrote this summer about the plastic bag debacle at a Borders store in the St. Louis area.

For the record, no, I didn’t want some crazy compensation from Borders; yes, I wanted the company to consider the example-setting opportunity they had; yes, I practice environmentalism where I can; no, I’m not a fanatic hippie about it; yes, I buy physical books, but I re-read them again and again before finally donating them to charity or swapping them with friends; yes, I take public transit to work and most other places; no, I don’t use plastic bags when shopping and have recycled most of the ones from home; yes, I bring reusable bags to the grocery store and other places; yes, I purchase food from local farmer’s markets and shops as often as possible. I hope that answers most questions your very outspoken commenters had.

Anyway, I just received this email from Borders regarding my status in the rewards program. I love earning $0, especially when I have the opportunity to print the $0 reward certificate.

I’m totally not ragging on Borders because it’s fun or because it’s my vendetta or something. I just found it amusing that after all of the Harry Potter stuff, they found it fitting that I receive $0 in rewards (and my rewards balance definitely is not $0).

Keep up the great work!


Allison may not have a vendetta against Borders, but we’re starting to wonder if they have a vendetta against her.

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