T-mobile Apologises For 3 Months Of No Service With $5 Off Bill

Nadine writes:

I recently switched to T-mobile thinking I would get better service at a fair rate. Unfortunately, since the onset of my contract with T-mobile this hasn’t been the case. In the past three months I have experienced major communication difficulties. I have been unable to receive phone calls and many of my text messages are not going through. I have been calling T-Mobile’s customer care to no avail regarding this problem and they informed me that they were experiencing network difficulties in New York City. They claimed that the problems were being worked on. As time passed I continued to experience the same difficulties but to a greater degree. My callers had to text me because they couldn’t get through when calling. I called for help but there was a different excuse given as to why the service wasn’t working…

When I tried to email a letter to the website it did not work. At one point the customer care department suggested that I call when I was experiencing these difficulties because at that point they couldn’t find the problem or what was causing it. I was offered bonus minutes as a compensation for their poor service and expected to be satisfied.

After 3 long months of dealing with this ordeal I’d reached my breaking point. I asked to be excused from my contract and receive credit for the 3 months of poor service. I was told I would not be excused from my contract unless the problem persisted and the only compensation I was offered was $5.00/month.

Is $5.00 a month supposed to compensate me for the hundreds of business calls I was unable to receive? I was paying over $100.00/month for T-Mobile’s plan; is T-Mobile’s $5.00 equivalent to my $100.00? Also, if they couldn’t fix the problem….why not let me out of the contract without a fee? How are any of the options T-mobile gave me fair and adequate for my loss of business for 3 months?


Tmobile’s gestures are worthless and insincere. They just hope you’ll be happy with the scraps and will go away. It’s time to switch providers. We want you to call back and demand to be released from contract without termination fee. Here’s something to try saying:

“For whatever reason, Tmobile is failing to provide me with the contractual level of service I expect to receive. Therefore, I request to be released from contract without early termination fee and to be refunded for 3 months of service I did not receive. “

You may need to repeat this several times. You can also escalate to a supervisor, as well as ask to be transferred to retentions. The key thing is to stick to your guns and insist on getting what you deserve. If they fail to budge, let them know you’ll be sending a copy of your complaint letter to the BBB, Attorney General, and Public Utilities Commission, letting them know how Tmobile is scamming its customers.

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