T-mobile Apologises For 3 Months Of No Service With $5 Off Bill

Nadine writes:

I recently switched to T-mobile thinking I would get better service at a fair rate. Unfortunately, since the onset of my contract with T-mobile this hasn’t been the case. In the past three months I have experienced major communication difficulties. I have been unable to receive phone calls and many of my text messages are not going through. I have been calling T-Mobile’s customer care to no avail regarding this problem and they informed me that they were experiencing network difficulties in New York City. They claimed that the problems were being worked on. As time passed I continued to experience the same difficulties but to a greater degree. My callers had to text me because they couldn’t get through when calling. I called for help but there was a different excuse given as to why the service wasn’t working…

When I tried to email a letter to the website it did not work. At one point the customer care department suggested that I call when I was experiencing these difficulties because at that point they couldn’t find the problem or what was causing it. I was offered bonus minutes as a compensation for their poor service and expected to be satisfied.

After 3 long months of dealing with this ordeal I’d reached my breaking point. I asked to be excused from my contract and receive credit for the 3 months of poor service. I was told I would not be excused from my contract unless the problem persisted and the only compensation I was offered was $5.00/month.

Is $5.00 a month supposed to compensate me for the hundreds of business calls I was unable to receive? I was paying over $100.00/month for T-Mobile’s plan; is T-Mobile’s $5.00 equivalent to my $100.00? Also, if they couldn’t fix the problem….why not let me out of the contract without a fee? How are any of the options T-mobile gave me fair and adequate for my loss of business for 3 months?


Tmobile’s gestures are worthless and insincere. They just hope you’ll be happy with the scraps and will go away. It’s time to switch providers. We want you to call back and demand to be released from contract without termination fee. Here’s something to try saying:

“For whatever reason, Tmobile is failing to provide me with the contractual level of service I expect to receive. Therefore, I request to be released from contract without early termination fee and to be refunded for 3 months of service I did not receive. “

You may need to repeat this several times. You can also escalate to a supervisor, as well as ask to be transferred to retentions. The key thing is to stick to your guns and insist on getting what you deserve. If they fail to budge, let them know you’ll be sending a copy of your complaint letter to the BBB, Attorney General, and Public Utilities Commission, letting them know how Tmobile is scamming its customers.

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  1. SuffolkHouse says:

    T-Mobile doesn’t work on Long Island. I used to regularly stand in the street in front of my house to get calls to go through. Then, they extended my contract without warning. In fact, when I caught them screwing me I got a supervisor onthe phone who apologized. 6 months later when I called, I found out that the supervisoe I originially talked to didn’t undo what the CSR did to me.

  2. ptkdude says:

    In addition to the BBB, AG and PUC, file a complaint with the FCC. And yes, they do have jurisdiction on this. You are being billed for communications services which you are not receiving. You have followed the proper channels within T-Mobile, and they continue to bill you for services they are unable to provide, despite having an FCC license to do so.

  3. cedarpointfan says:

    Stupid T-Mobile.

    <3 AT&T

  4. moeman1024 says:

    ” BY PTKDUDE AT 10:30 PM

    In addition to the BBB, AG and PUC, file a complaint with the FCC. And yes, they do have jurisdiction on this. You are being billed for communications services which you are not receiving.”

    Do not forget to check up on mail fraud, billing for services not received through the mail. I had a run in with Verizion and turned them in for mail fraud. False billing is illegal.

  5. saltmine says:

    I’m not gonna be the first guy to blame the customer, because I’m not. But to put it bluntly, your “business” must not be worth much if you endured 3 straight months of missed calls and didn’t cancel right away and take the $200 loss. If you were actually losing money, you’d cancel, take the loss, and fight with them about it through the proper channels (small claims, BBB, FCC) later, not put up with it for 3 months, under any circumstances. CSRs know this, and that’s probably why they offered you $5.

  6. azntg says:

    Whatever happened to T-Mobile? It used to be known for its legendary customer service in the early days (immediately after Deutsch Telekom bought out Voicestream). Now it seems like T-Mobile is out to screw as many people over as possible.

  7. jwissick says:

    Don’t request.. DEMAND. They are in breach of contract. Make it clear that you will take it to the DA for prosecution.

  8. Crazytree says:




    does this mean that if you breach your contract by canceling T-Mobile before your contract is up, the DA can prosecute you and send you to prison? talk about an early termination penalty!

  9. Crazytree says:

    why is the commenting system eating my comments?

  10. brettt says:

    T-Mobile’s voicemail broke for me a few years ago. I spent all summer trying to deal with them. They kept opening up a trouble ticket, and then closing it unresolved. their system is set up to do absolutely nothing.

    Solution: call the corporate office and leave a message for the president’s office. customer relations (not care) will call back. In a matter of a week, they waived the termination fees on all 3 of my accounts, refunded a ton of money, and apologized. a woman named teresa gave me her personal number, and kept in contact the entire time (unlike customer service, who can’t do that)

  11. BigNutty says:

    Simple solution. Send a Certified letter to the legal department with the heading “Notice before Lawsuit”. In the body of the letter explain that T Mobile did not provide service as promised and therefore have not fulfilled the contract between you both. You want a Judge to decide who is right.

    Give them 7 days to respond and if you do not receive a refund of all charges including a refund of your early termination fee, you will file in small claims court the next day.

    It worked for me with Sprint. They called me 3 days later to inform me of the refund.

    It’s basically a bluff that can easily be followed through with filing a case for a small amount of money. If they don’t answer the letter, I bet they will when they receive the legal notice.

  12. hills says:

    Same problem – when traveling in NYC/Long Island with T-mobile I would have spotty service, OR a full 4 bars with “emergency calls only” – what?! When I got home, T-mobile said to call them when my phone was displaying this – HOW since it will only let me call 911? They said I need to call from a landline, with my cell phone next to me so they can diagnose the problem.. Um, if I were near a landline when I had this problem I wouldn’t need my cell phone!

    PS-I was not offered any compensation…

    PPS-Tech said problem was my phone – it was too old. Problem was, he was looking at my old phone on file and I had a newer phone that was covered under warranty – then he didn’t think it was the phone anymore… so many things to blame…. so many things incorrect….

  13. lonelymaytagguy says:

    I’ve found the online FCC complaint form works. Once on a service issue with AT&T, once on a billing issue with Sprint.

    As far as I can figure it, the FCC forwards the complaint to the provider and want’s to hear what was done.

    The provider has a department which handles these complaints and tries to clear them up so they can report ‘happy customer’ back to the FCC.

    So far, I’ve been happy with T-Mobile.

  14. matdevdug says:

    I personally had a good experience with T-Mobile overall before switched the AT&T (iPhone). However when I did run into trouble I never wasted any time with the low-level people. When I got on the phone I just right away asked to talk to a supervisor, and they usually transferred me. Be warned though, compared to AT&T’s managers or supervisors T-Mobiles are some of the most curt people I have ever spoken to.

  15. kc2idf says:

    @Crazytree: For the customer to terminate isn’t a breach of contract unless the customer doesn’t pay the termination fee, because the termination fee is part of the contract, ergo, no jail time.

    I’m shocked that nobody has mentioned an EECB yet.

  16. mynamehere says:

    My wife went through 5 phones in four months with T-mobile, always the same model. They wouldn’t upgrade here although hers continued to fail in the same manner. Their customer service is rock bottom and I’m surprised they continue to win JD Power awards. They must have chimpanzees do the polling. In any event I try to steer as many people away from T-mobile as possible. Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with outside of ServiceMasters, but that is another story. :-)

  17. Murph1908 says:

    A similar statement I put in a letter to DirecTV got me a credit for their bogus early termination fee. I upgraded to HD, and had to call in twice a month for 8 months about it not working. I finally told them to shove it, and canceled, and they charged me a ETF. I stated they failed to provide the service, and mentioned I’d pursue my rights under the fair credit reporting act if they chose to go after it that way. The refunded the ETF, which gave me a $22 credit, and I got my check.

  18. Constellation says:

    I’m going through this same thing with Tmobile right now. More than half the time, when people try to call me they get a message that “all circuits are busy.” The same thing happens when I call my husband, who also has Tmobile. (We both live in New York City.) When I called customer service about the problem, I was told it has to do with my Sidekick, and the only advice they could offer me was to restart my phone. Seriously. They also said no one else has reported this kind of problem in the NY area, which I know is untrue.
    This is getting ridiculous. At least I’m not the only one having problems.

  19. Psqunq says:

    What a lot of cell phone customers don’t seem to grok is that there IS such a thing as a buyers remorse period. The person in this letter says “from the onset,” which would mean day one. T-Mo’s buyers remorse is 14 days, except California which is 30. That says to me that the person probably did not read the contract, and by keeping it past the 14 days, knew what they were committing to.

    Long story short, if you get a cell phone and experience problems right off the bat, tell the company, give them until the end of Buyers Remorse to fix it, and if they don’t, CANCEL. Don’t lock yourself into a contract for service you’re unhappy with.

  20. rwakelan says:

    @kc2idf: Breach of contract is a civil matter, not a criminal matter, for the most part. Now, if the OP could prove that T-Mobile knew beforehand they couldn’t provide the service they were entering into a contract to provide, then there could posibly be a criminal prosecution for fraud… just my opinion

  21. Sasquatch says:

    It looks like T-Mobile’s customer service has finally descended to meet the level of their dismal coverage map (I never have more than 1 bar in my apartment or at work). Nice work, morons.

  22. ryan_h says:

    well, as a former CSR for tmobile (many years ago) I can offer a few things. first off, tmobile makes use of outsourced call centers, and then feels compelled to have absoutly 0 contact with them. I worked for this call center for 2 years, and never NEVER even saw a live model of a Tmobile phone. their traning is terrible, they make note in their contract to state that they dont gurantee coverage indoors, and they love that mandatory arbitrtion deal. oh, on the “supervisor” thing, about 75% of the time that a call was esclated at my center, it wasnt a supervisor taking the call, it was just another rep that was designated that day to walk the floor and take all the esclations.

  23. Cowboys_fan says:

    I too am a former (outsourced) csr for T-mobile.
    @ryan_h: An outsourced rep will do alot more for you then a regular rep btw.
    Unfortunately, the reps are not empowered to give you any more than the $5 offered. It is unfortunate but thats how it is. Now to all those people who argue “I use my phone for a business” perhaps should have got a business line as a personal line is not designed for business use. Secondly, coverage in NY/NJ/PA is spotty at best and there will always be problems in those areas. My advice is is to send an email to sue.nokes@t-mobile.com.

  24. RDAC says:

    So far, I’ve had a good experience with T-Mobile.

    Their current cheap Nokia music phone suffers from a flaw in the plastics that will result in in cracking for little to no reason. The tale-tell sign is that the phone will develop a crack that you cannot feel on the surface, but is quite visible and seems ‘sandwiched’ between the top layer and the LCD screen.

    Before my 14 days was up, I took it back in. This was my wife’s phone, and she’s extremely gentle with it. It literally happened within a 30 min. period of being in her pocket one night. I immediately took it into the store, but because a manager wasn’t on duty, I had to come back the next day. The cool part is that the rep was open about the defect, and stated that he would back me up on the phone with the CSR if necessary.

    Went back in the next day, and the manager on duty immediately took the phone, went and got another one from the back, unpacked it in front of me, asked if I had anything on the memory card (she did, so he swapped it out right there along with the sim), apologized for the issue and told me what to do if it happens again in the future.

    I told him thanks, he said ‘No problem, I know you’d rather have a new phone than a like-new that you would get under warranty. Let us know if we can do anything else for you, and have a great day.’

    Wow. What a night and day difference from my previous provider, Alltel.

    I left Alltel because, although the service was great from the national office, the local staff sucked. They even had the gall to send me out of the store with a phone with no back after I brought my old one in (lcd cable gave way) and had me keep checking the store to see if the replacement back came in.

    It never did, and when it started having issues I found out that they didn’t log the times I came in and that there was nothing that I could do.

    They wouldn’t honor the warranty on the phone because it didn’t have a back, and the exposure over the many months I spent waiting to the humid Texas air had started to turn the moisture indicator pink.

    I was berated and told that I was a liar until they found a note in the system showing that I did indeed swap the phone out. The manager ducked and hid in his office to avoid speaking with me about it.

    After years of being a loyal Alltel subscriber, it didn’t mean jack. My renewal came for my contract, and they offered me the big $5 credit for my hassle in the store.

    I bolted, and so far T-Mobile’s been good to me. Here’s hoping that continues!

  25. Hawk07 says:

    As much as I hate government regulation, the feds almost need to step in b/c the wireless problem seems like it continues to get worse as time marches on.

  26. consumersrule says:

    If you happen to use a Treo, you’re not alone with your problems. Tmobile stopped supporting the Treo suddenly and blamed it on “work in the area.” After getting a new Treo, thinking I had a device problem, I experienced the same exact problems – but not on a cheapo old Nokia phone. They then admitted well the Treo isn’t really supported anymore.