Did Rite-Aid Kick Out A Gay Couple For Hugging?

Washington, D.C. is actually a pretty gay-friendly place—hell, even a few closeted types seem to find a way to make a living there. (Just a few.) But in early October a gay couple was thrown out of a Rite-Aid a few blocks away from the city’s traditional gay neighborhood for allegedly hugging each other in the store. According to them, while they were shopping, one of them hugged the other one from behind, and the store manager ran up and shouted, “Get out! Get out!” A few seconds later, the security guard told them they had to leave, although he said he didn’t know the reason why. The manager, Denny Getachew, won’t comment, and Rite Aid spokesperson told the local gay magazine, “We are looking into this matter, and we will take disciplinary action if need be.”

This week, about 50 people staged a “hug-in” at the store, which we can only imagine melted the eyes of any anti-gay witnesses. This is why you don’t let personal prejudices take control of you when you’re the manager of a store—the response from those you treated unfairly is 50 times worse.

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(Image: Fox 5 News, Washington, D.C.)