Walmart: "Black Friday" Is Now This Friday, Thanksgiving Surrenders

Walmart is moving “Black Friday” to this Friday in a desperate attempt to make some money this holiday season. Never mind that this “holiday season” is weeks away. Black Friday is here, folks.

Walmart says they will unveil the “Black Friday” ad online this Thursday, at, so get your wallets out and cancel your plans.

Don’t expect the store to be appropriately Thanksgiving-themed either, says Walmart in a press release:

In-store, the experience for Wal-Mart shoppers will be fittingly festive. Christmas Shops offering holiday decor and gifts and onsite product demonstrations open this weekend.

No time to give thanks, people. Start shopping!

Black Friday and Christmas Arrive Early at Wal-Mart (Press Release)


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  1. Bay State Darren says:

    “/secret”, that’s just damn funny. However, as they on the site this headline copies: the link is farked.

  2. UpsetPanda says:

    Nope, not doing it. Not going Christmas shopping a) this weekend and b) NOT AT WAL-MART, EVER!

    The new human decency is not getting your loved ones crap from Wal-Mart that no one likes.

  3. B says:

    It’s Black Friday cause that’s the date the retailers finally run a profit for the year, right?

  4. humphrmi says:

    Well, Wal Mart and their trailer trash clientel can do the hoop-de-doo review until they’re blue in the face this Friday. Black Friday belongs on the day after Thanksgiving, and if Wal Mart doesn’t offer equal or better discounts on Black Friday, I guess that’s one less store for me to stop at.

  5. Meg Marco says:

    @Bay State Darren: It’s not Thursday yet?

  6. ludwigk says:

    Retailers: How do we extend the holiday shopping season earlier into the year?

    Walmart: Forcibly, and unapologetically.

  7. extracrispy says:

    Does this mean we lost the War on Christmas?

  8. BigNutty says:

    Many retailers have already put up the Christmas crap which gets earlier every year.

    Walmart will get people to buy early because I’m sure there are going to be discounts too good to resist, especially if you are already there anyway, shopping for something else.

  9. bohemian says:

    Walmart will still have something going on the day after Thanksgiving. They can’t just not participate and miss out on a slice of the rampaging unwashed masses with cash in hand.

    The one tomorrow will be a non-event. No TV ads so far, no pre-promotion and most people have to work tomorrow.


  10. yg17 says:

    @B: Yes, that’s one reason. The other meaning behind the name, from the employee perspective is that it’s the worst day of the year to work, thus “black” has the negative meaning.

  11. MYarms says:

    We must stop the facist that is Walmart from destroying our way of life! The tyranny of Always Low Prices must end.

  12. louisb3 says:

    @extracrispy: That one may or may not be still going, but this is certainly evidence of the new War on Thanksgiving.

  13. Sudonum says:

    Walmart can’t just decree that this Friday is “Black Friday”. People have to have the time and energy (and money) to shop. Black Friday is what it is because people are off work and have time to shop and want to start getting into the Christmas spirit. You can have any kind of a sale you want, whenever you want, and call it anything you want, but that doesn’t make it “Black Friday”

  14. etinterrapax says:

    Whatever. I’m still not going to be there. Not this Friday, not the day after Thanksgiving, not ever. “I got it on doorbuster sale at Wal-Mart” is not a sentence that should accompany a well-considered holiday gift.

  15. UpsetPanda says:

    @Sudonum: I’m pretty sure a lot of the “Christmas spirit” is getting sucked away by knowing you might get a gift from Wal-Mart.

  16. ThePopOversAreDone says:

    I love wal mart! It’s so cool and awesome!

  17. oxymoron33 says:

    So they suck in the people to buy 3 weeks ahead. Then advertise even “better” prices after these suckers have blown their holiday budget. Those peeps will now drop it on charge cards and Walmart will sell more. Sick. But “Brillant”
    ‘Tis (officially) the season to be greedy….

  18. ThePopOversAreDone says:

    That ham looks totally cool and awesome!

  19. Draconianspark says:

    I was in wal-mart last night ( 4 AM on the 31’st ) and they were already taking down the halloween candy and laying out the christmas planograms.

  20. MsClear says:

    My wallet is firmly anchored in my pocket and there it will stay, even when it really is almost Christmas. Except for cards, homemade goodies and charity that is. Useless crap? No thanks. I plan to tell most people I know NOT to buy me anything. Other than my immediate family, I don’t do gifts. I have lots of spirit though, and I really do love Christmas. What I don’t love? Consumerism.

  21. ahwannabe says:

    @bohemian: Since when do unwashed masses carry cash? It’s plastic all the way, baby.

  22. ElizabethD says:

    I think WalMart just blinked.

  23. rptrcub says:

    What Would Jesus Buy?

  24. Sudonum says:

    @CaffeinatedSquint: Huh? Who said anything about actually buying anything from The Minions of The Heirs Of Sam Walton? I was commenting on how most people at least, used to start their Christmas shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving. And all the promotions in the world isn’t going to change that for those people, and hopefully most others.

  25. andrewsmash says:

    How come all I ever hear is how successful Wal-Mart is when they constantly have to change the playing field in order to succeed?

  26. Cary says:

    As long as I have my Sirius radio and don’t have to listen to Xmas music, I really couldn’t give a crap what Walmart does.

    When will people figure out that a good deal on garbage isn’t a good deal?

  27. StevieD says:

    Trailer Trash?

    I have never lived in a Trailer, have no desire to live in a Trailer, but I have shopped at WallyWorld more than once.

    SO what does that make me?

    Actually I must wonder, with all the complaining and whining about WallyWorld, there sure must be a lot of people that secretly visit WallyWorld.

  28. theblackdog says:

    I’d consider that laptop if it didn’t have a Celeron.

  29. jrdnjstn78 says:

    They only have 5 items up for their “secret sale”.

    I go to Wal-mart once in a great while, usually it’s to buy toys or socks or underwear for my kids. I usually hate shopping there because it is filled with rude customers and even ruder employees and the store always look tore up. Oh yeah, with as much money they make can Wal-mart at least pay their employees better?

  30. chili_dog says:

    I’m so amazed that the leadership (or lack thereof) at Walmart just can not come to terms with the fact that people are staying away because the shopping experience blows.

    Perhaps if the crew tried to return to the core values of Sam Walton the program could be fixed, but I don;t see that happening anytime soon.

  31. dirk1965 says:

    Stevied… I’m with you. I think the people that complain and whine about WallyWorld are closet shoppers. Come out of the closet HUMPHRMI!

  32. rptrcub says:

    @StevieD: I have to admit I shop there, but that’s only when I have to or when Target doesn’t have what I need. The Target is within walking distance of my house; the journey to the closest Wal-Mart requires fighting massive amounts of metro Atlanta interstate traffic.

  33. boandmichele says:

    we put up christmas lights and such a couple of weeks BEFORE thanksgiving. but it is for the season, and the warmth and all that comfortable beauty that we like. we dont take anything from thanksgiving, but kinda put christmas and thanksgiving together for 2 months of holiday joy.

    that said, this is retarded, and walmart, i hate you.

  34. darkened says:

    Expect to see my new HD-DVD player on ebay come Friday 6PM EST.

  35. gingerCE says:

    This advertising ploy will probably backfire. I think Black Friday is unique because most people (except store employees) usually have the day off and the tradition is to go shopping. Making every Friday “Black” will dilute the one day of frenzied shopping a year. I just want to say that while most Wal-marts can be stressfull and unfriendly to shop at, the Wal-mart nearest me is actually really nice–the employees are very friendly, it’s not crowded, and the place is really clean. However, what I like about it is probably bad news to Wal-mart. Overall I shop more at Target because it’s closer and I get my prescriptions at Target, but both Target and Wal-mart near me are actually really good.

  36. KingPsyz says:

    You can’t deny, a name brand 50″ Plasma for under 1k is pretty incredible.

    Not to mention half off on the newly discounted HD-DVD player (which thanks to this ad Best Buy price matched a day early!)

    Should Christmas and the holliday season be about family and togetherness? Yes. Do the reciepients of cards and homemade crap think your one person war on Christmasâ„¢ is noble and grand? No, they think you’re a cheap douchebag. Sucks, but search your feelings, you know this to be true.

  37. rptrcub says:

    @gingerCE: Friendly employees? At a Wal-Mart? Are they all high? Everyone I’ve met who works there acts as if they’re in a Soviet factory.

    @KingPsyz: Then the bastards will get nothing from me.

  38. iambetter says:

    it is friday 9am here on the east coast and one store in PA is not honoring the secret deals. I witnessed one customer get turned away. And yes they did cause a big stink.

  39. Trackback says:

    Wal-Mart’s same-store sales figures for the month of October were almost completely stagnant: the retailer gained a measly 0.4%. This in spite of the fact that the company started holiday price cuts several weeks ago.

  40. LucyInTheSky says:

    poor thanksgiving. the middle child of all sale-creating holidays.