Do Not Keep Buying Your Meth Lab Supplies At The Local Walmart

Workers at one particular Walmart in Louisiana are going to notice if you keep buying meth supplies at their store. They’ve busted two different meth cookers says the Associated Press:

The Wal-Mart worker alerted Slidell police Friday after he saw a man buying material used to make the drug, police spokesman Capt. Kevin Foltz said.

Officers stopped the man as he left the store parking lot. In his car they found antifreeze, eight packages of 1,000-count matches and 20 tablets of pseudoephedrine, Foltz said.

The man had been under surveillance since neighbors near the suspected lab complained of a strong odor. After investigating, police arrested the man questioned at Wal-Mart and another man at the trailer and booked them with operating a clandestine laboratory to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance, which carries a sentence of five to 15 years.

Meth labs are spreading from rural areas into Slidell, Foltz said.

In August, a Slidell woman was arrested on charges of operating a meth lab out of her car after she was spotted buying drug-making supplies at the same Wal-Mart.

People who work at Walmart are on to you, meth $@#holes. You’re not only ruining communities, but you’re making it really annoying and complicated to buy Sudafed.

Wal-Mart worker’s tip leads to meth lab bust [Journal Gazette]

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