What You Need To Know Before Buying A Timeshare

Alex Moskalyuk has a great post with all you need to know about timeshares. Timeshares are condos divied up among a pool of owners, each of which owns a slice of it for usually one week of the year. Alex is mainly of the hey, a discount weekend in Vegas ain’t bad for the price of listening to a salesman. He goes over how your basic timeshare presentation breaks down, and how there’s different kinds of timeshares. For instance, in some situations you actually save up and use “points” and the “point cost” of a timeshare varies based on “peak” or “non peak” times of the year. He sees just about only one time when they’re a good deal:

It seems to be a reasonably good deal for large families, or families taking vacations together. Since most of the timeshares can accommodate two families, in price comparisons you’re looking for 2 hotel rooms or hotel suites, which generally cost much more. But even then, your costs may very.

The best proof of timeshares value, or lack thereof? There’s always more people trying to resell their timeshares than there are trying to buy.

What I learned about timeshares, and you can, too [alex.moskalyuk]
(Photo: aprilandrandy)

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