Consumers Grow Unhappier With Buying Cellphones

Customer satisfaction with buying cellphones at stores fell this year, reports J.D. Power and Associates in the recently released 2007 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM-Volume 2.

Industry scores dropped 12 points on 1,000 point scale. Verizon has the highest ratings at 726. Sprint scored the lowest with 679. The average is 709. According to the survey, the four most important factors driving customer satisfaction are sales staff (51%); store display (17%); store facility (16%); and price/promotion (16%).

The study’s authors claim in the press release that the biggest thumb on customer satisfaction scores are employees in big box retail stores who using high-pressure sales tactics and not accurately conveying product and
service information. Gee, I wonder who that could be…

2007 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM-Volume 2 [J.D. Power and Associates]


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  1. timmus says:

    At the bottom of the heap: Earlcomm of Tortilla Flats, Oregon, earning a ranking of 47 on the J.D. Powers survey. The study faulted Earlcomm employees for smoking inside the store and attempting to upsell wireless plans with discounted handguns. Only 3 out of the 14 customers reported satisfaction with Earlcomm.

  2. JessiesMind says:

    I absolutely refuse to set foot inside a wireless store. I research potential buys online, read reviews and when I’ve narrowed my choices down, I’ll hit up a Best Buy and play with the phones of choice while giving the sales reps my politest “shove off” face. When I finally know what I want, I order it online. I love my phone.

  3. SOhp101 says:

    My best experience has been with 3rd party vendors. They will usually match online prices and will discount more if you extend multiple contracts.

    HOWEVER, READ THE CONTRACT CAREFULLY. They often have additional agreements that will mean additional termination fees should you decide to move to another carrier. Also, the return policy is usually very restrictive. But if you’re well informed, you should emerge unscathed.

  4. tadowguy says:

    If JD Power would like to contact me, I am available to make graphs on the following “discoveries”:

    1) Customers don’t like bank fees

    2) Flying is an absolute pain in the ass

    3) Tasers might kill people

    Seriously, I can’t believe there’s really a CEO in the communications industry that’s surprised to read this.

  5. TechnoDestructo says:

    Looks like they tailored their scoring system such that no matter how bad a company is it’ll still LOOK like they did pretty well…OOOH, 700 out of a thousand! See it could have been much worse…when in fact they’d actually have to impregnate your daughter and eat your dog to do much worse.

  6. kenposan says:

    I love my local Verizon store. The staff have always been cool and have never tried to screw us. In fact, when we upgraded our phones, they told us we should switch plans, which saved us $10 a month. Yes, we entered into another 2-year contract, but we weren’t planning to go anywhere anyway.

  7. Bladefist says:

    i typically use an online place like to get my phone and plan. Sometimes there are so many rebates that I end up making money. Rebates are usually bad, but I’ve used this place 3 times and got all of them.

  8. gibwar says:

    @TechnoDestructo: I agree, they could convey the same information if it was on a 100 point scale… so instead of “The industry average dropped 12 points” it would be “they droppped 1.2 points”.

    It’s amazing how these people attempt to spin shit to make it sound better.

    My opinion? They all suck, I haven’t gone in a store in years, I just purchase my phone through their online stores (or 3rd party). I have a HTC Apache and I love it!

  9. Trackback says:

    [Dollhouse video, featuring Erin Fetherston for Target clothing, via No Good For Me] Local · Den now stocking clothing by Tim Hamilton [The Shophound] · Supermarkets may have to recycle plastic bags [City Room] · Rachel Ashwell selling vintage prom dresses in her Shabby Chic store…

  10. ninjatales says:

    I’ve had my fair share of problems with “authorized t-mobile dealers” who are in reality, just regular mall peddlers with overpriced T-Mobile phones and very unprofessional sales people.

    If you want to buy phones from T-Mobile, do NOT ever buy or renew your contract through the “ShockCity” T-Mobile chain distributors. Go to a regular T-Mobile store that is NOT an “authorized dealer” but the real deal or get it over the phone or better, online.

  11. Silversmok3 says:

    Why most folks are happier buying phones online:

    I purchased a Motorola KRZR for AT&T online.Purchased, though,
    might be the wrong word as the phone was free out of pocket including

    I stop by a local CORPORATE AT&T store to pay my bill about a
    month later. And I almost passed out when I see how much it cost at
    this store.

    $167 including the ‘accessory pack’. $99 for the phone itself.

    The kick is: I sell AT&T for a third-party retailer.Take it from
    expereince, buying online is better because not only is it cheaper,
    youll have an easier time returning the phone online than if you go to
    a salesman scared for his monthly numbers for a refund.This is true no
    matter what store you buy it from.

    And if you MUST buy at a store,if you see ‘Authorized Retailer’,
    ‘preferred retailer’, or any combination, of course, run at high
    velocity in the opposite direction.

  12. jrdnjstn78 says:

    I tried to buy the Motorola KRZR online to but it showed me a price of 100 something. I’m not done with my 2yr contract. I decided to go to Best Buy and get it, since it was cheaper and I am stuck with another 2yr contract, yeah!

    I was at Wal-mart (with a friend, I wasn’t purchasing anything, he was) and seen it for even cheaper.

  13. 4ster says:

    Sprint has worked hard to earn their lowest-of-the-low rating.

    Yesterday, I was told that if I extended my contract, my bill would be lowered by 30% each month.

    I jumped on it, and then learned later that it was $10 per LINE, which equates to $10.50 a month for me. It took me nearly a dozen calls over 24 hours to get it straightened, mainly because Sprint kept dropping the freaking call.

  14. pigeonpenelope says:

    Yes, Chad sucks.