Man thinks he wins $1.6 mil at the slots, but then the casino takes him to a backroom and says they’re not going to pay because it was a computer error. Because the casino is an Indian one, he might not have recourse through the courts. [ABC]


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  1. Major-General says:

    Hey, why not sue through the tribal court? Unless its one of those tribes recognized mainly to open a casino.

  2. ErinYay says:

    Is it in really, really poor taste to say this?


    Yes, it probably is.

  3. humphrmi says:

    How do they know that a supposedly random slot pull shouldn’t have paid out unless it’s rigged?

  4. humphrmi says:

    @humphrmi: DOH! Read the article first. The machine wasn’t supposed to pay out more than $2500.

  5. Aladdyn says:

    He should just take the 2,500 they offered him, it is the stated max payout on the machine. He is probably just pissed at them and wants to give them some bad publicity.

  6. Scuba Steve says:

    It happens more often than you think, actually. I’m not sure how much of it is the casino not wanting to pay out winnings, but they have gaming board officials test the machines and for the most part always side with the casino.

  7. parliboy says:

    The difference the two parties claim is whether the machine is linked to a progressive jackpot network. Now, it is entirely possible that that particular machine was not supposed to be networked, that it was intended to be free-standing but wasn’t. Tough. That’s not a malfunction.

    Furthermore, I don’t see why this has to be a state court issue. Why can’t this be done in federal court?

    If the state considers them sovereign, then fine. Sovereignty immunity goes out the window when the casino has business interests in this country (which it most certainly does). Let it defend itself in federal jurisdiction.

  8. backbroken says:

    Native-Americans are always putting the screws to the white-man.

  9. miborovsky says:

    I thought for a moment that they had outsourced casinos to India…

  10. warf0x0r says:

    I worked in a Casino for 2 years and this never happened that I heard of, but that being said there is a disclaimer on each machine that says in case of machine error you don’t win.

    Poor guy, it be better if it just took all his money and didn’t do anything.

  11. astrochimp says:

    If the machine was, indeed, hooked up to a progressive jackpot network (and wasn’t supposed to be), it leads to the following question:

    Were the odds of his winning increased by this any more than if he had played the progressive machines? (Perhaps the machine was cheaper than it should have been).

    In either case, though, I have my doubts that such a ‘mis-tagged’ machine would be placed by accident. It would seem quite the benefit to the casino to have these intentional duds take the fall for what would otherwise be acknowledged as a fair and legitimate win on behalf of the player.

  12. astrochimp says:

    @astrochimp: Of course, there is little to no mention of whether it was, indeed, hooked up to a progressive jackpot.

  13. consumeristReader says:

    If I am calculating the odds on the blackjack table, given my cards and the flipped dealer card, and I make a calculation error, can I seek a refund?

  14. says:

    errors? i thought machines were smarter than humans.

    maybe it was a Y2K bug.

  15. KingPsyz says:

    I was under the impression that alot of those “progressive” machines were paid out by the manufacturer. So really it should be IGT, or Ballys, or whoever posts up the “progressive” tally.

    What I am guessing here is that it was erroneously hooked up to the network by a tech at the casino. Technically you would think that would make the casino responsible since advertising a progressive jackpot could be deemed a reasonable expectation. It shouldn’t fall to the lay-consumer about the ins and outs of the gaming world.

    While the “Pays Void In The Event of Malfunction” thing is true. This applies to actual machine malfunctions. This wasn’t a malfunction, this was a case of an Indian Casino messing up royally and bullying a customer out of his rightful payout.

  16. JustIcedCoffee says:

    I don’t think you can accidently hook up any old slot to a progressive network. You can only use certain machines, and it has to be registered with the network, the casino has to pay the heavy network fees (per slot)— not something that can happens unintentionally.
    I just watched the video, and it says very clearly that payout is 50000 credits, and in the middle, under the screen it says ‘win up to 2500’
    Kinda convenient that his pictures crop out those signs, huh?

  17. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    “The tribe has spoken…”

    *puts out torch*

    *Guy walks away out of camera without $1.6 million*

  18. babaki says:

    @HappyPuppy: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    ok. after reading the article it seems the casino has proof from the machines computer that it was malfunctioning. and the machine clearly states that the maximum payout it 2,500. so all in all, i think the guy is SOL.

  19. hi says:

    Yes, clearly a machine can’t be set up in such a way to report something false. Machines are completly trust-worthy and non-falibable. Anything they state must be truth.

    edit: My computer just told me they lied.

  20. TehRev says:


    It depends on the progressive. Some casinos do run their own progressives. Others are run by the manufacturer.

    I work in the industry and let me tell you, you can ‘t just “hook a machine to the network” and have it be part of the progressive. It has to be specifically configured to be part of it. Today most “standalone” machines are also networked on the casino floor. It makes reporting/installing easier.

    This does happen from time to time. These are created by people and aren’t perfect. Those “machine malfunctions” also include software bugs etc.

    Also this is the most regulated industry that casino would be pretty ballsy to pull this on a real win. They could have their asses handed to them if it was legit and he took them to court.

  21. Balisong says:

    @miborovsky: I thought I was the only one who gets annoyed by that sort of thing :D

  22. KingPsyz says:

    Progressive wins are sepaerate and away from max “spin” wins. When a machine says Max Payout 2500 that means one of two things:

    a) That anything over that ammount would be a hand pay


    b) Max single win off reels is 2500 credits

    The max payout does NOT count towards progressive jackpots. “Somehow” this machine was linked to the jackpot. He should elevate this right to a Federal Court and have this casino shut down.

    I live in Vegas now, but have been around a few Indian Casinos and most of them make Mafia Vegas look like a Boy Scout convention.

  23. KingPsyz says:

    It’s unfortunate that the ABC article doesn’t show one full frame picture of the machine top to bottom.

    I find it odd that the machine says “JACKPOT” because I have played the machine in question elsewhere and after a bonus round finishes, it doesn’t say “JACKPOT”. This is what makes me think this should be honored. Because generally when a machine says Jackpot it’s part of an internal or external linked progressive on top of the normal machine pays.

    That’s why I would have loved to see a full machine picture at the time of win.

    If a machine has a 50,000 credit max, how is there not a failsafe to stop it from showing a million plus payout? Why even write the software to allow it to count that high?

    Something is missing from this story and it looks like this guy is going to loose out because of that. Just remember, when you play at an Indian Casino, you’re playing at their discretion and your rights are also at their discretion.

  24. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @KingPsyz: For real !! I never go to the Indian Casino’s, not that Vegas is all on the level but at least they are regulated by the NVGC. Indian Casino’s can do whatever they want you gotta go to the Fed’s for anything and we all know how quick and efficent they are. He is sooo hosed.

  25. Trick says:

    I rooted for the dope at first. I once had to wait 55 minutes for $70 payout at a Indian casino and swore I would never return. That and the fact that you can leave your drug needles in a special box in the mens room…

    But this machine clearly said the max payout was $2500. The dope should have taken the money instead of whining about the non-existent winnings the machine claimed.

    I hope he gets nothing but a huge lawyer bill now.

  26. KingPsyz says:

    Again, if it’s a progressive jackpot, than the max win per spin goes out the window.

    By the appearence of the on screen win, this was a linked progressive. If there was any indication on or near the machince that this was part of a progrewssive jackpot, than he’s entitled.

    Hence the disapointment that ABC didn’t show a larger frame pic of the machince in question.

  27. mac-phisto says:

    hate to sound like a troll, but “gypped out of his jackpot?” have a little class abc. why didn’t you just go for the “scalped by the injuns” tagline?