Best Buy Says Laptop Batteries Cost $500 To Replace

Sean writes:

I am “The Computer Guy” in my family and my mother needed a laptop for work. My wife and I went to Best Buy in Bel Air, MD with her to pick out one that would fit her budget and allowed her to work from home. I found a Compaq for a little more than $700 on sale without rebates. I signaled for an employee and told her the laptop we wanted. The employee got the laptop and went on about needing the service plan. I let her drone on because I wanted to see if it covered accidental breakage (it doesn’t). During the speech she talked about the battery, how it’s like a cell phone battery, and that they would replace it once a year for the length of the contract. She then mentioned that the battery would cost my Mother $500 if she had to buy it separately…

I asked her to repeat that statement and she did. I then asked if I could purchase the laptops without the battery at a $500 discount. She looked at me and said are you telling me that they don’t cost $500 and I told her that they didn’t. She replied that their managers tell them to say that to everyone buying a laptop and she didn’t know how much they cost. We still bought the laptop (without the warranty) but they wouldn’t give us a discount if we didn’t take the battery.

Apparently, the Best Buy battery are made of gold and encrusted with emeralds.

Many Best Buy managers used to work at Domino’s and McDonald’s so this type of behavior is understandable. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Don’t shop at BestBuy. Go to instead.

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