30,000 people will get free couches, mattresses, and other furniture if the Red Sox win the world series, thanks to a furniture store promotion back in March and April. Special Bonus: One of the worst, if not the worst, abuses of Photoshop ever perpetrated by a major network. [ABCNews]


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  1. KingPsyz says:

    HOLY SHIT, that’s not photoshop, that’s MS Paint.

    And I bet that store manager is regretting that offer now…

  2. AlisonAshleigh says:

    “If the Red Sox win, Colorado will send over Quizno’s sandwiches, Celestial Seasonings teas, Great Western tortilla chips, Epic Valley salsa and Liks Rocky Road ice cream. “

    Thanks Colorado, for giving us a bunch of shit we could have bought at the grocery store. Hey Menino, next time ask for something I can’t go find in my office mini-fridge.

  3. huadpe says:

    I read about this on the Freakonomics blog. They guy has insurance on the whole thing. Cost him 3% of the promotion. Someone at Lloyd’s of London is gonna be rooting for the Rockies though.

  4. Critcol says:

    I love how they chose a pic from Opening Day to mangle in Photoshop.

    Didn’t someone tell their intern/graphic designer that Game 1 was played at night?

  5. nweaver says:

    The manager doesn’t care. And it’s Berkshire/Hathaway that pays.

    Warren Buffett can afford it.

  6. homerjay says:

    Barry and Elliot (well, Elliot) have an ad running right now essentially reassuring those 30,000 people that the offer is still good. For New Englanders, this promo is already WAY bigger than that stupid Taco Bell crap. If they win, it’ll be even bigger.

  7. James Sumners says:


    Not in the least. From the article:

    “Jordan’s – like most companies that run such promotions – has taken out prize indemnification insurance, which covers the payouts if the team wins the World Series.”

  8. krom says:

    OMG, Barry & Eliot have been around forever.

  9. shaken_bake says:

    Weep not for Barry & Elliot; they have made boatloads of money off this promotion, even if they have to pay out (through their insurance policy). The key was that not everything in the store was part of the deal, so when you bought a mattress, you may have bought an ottoman, or lamp that they won’t have to pay for. Good story on NPR last night on this promotion. It’s actually being studied by a university professor as an example of successful sales techniques!

  10. gniterobot says:

    Gay, totally gay.

    The coffee table I mean, not Barry and Elliot…those guys are straight shooters.

    What two guys wouldn’t want to sell furniture together…

  11. ptr2void says:

    I know I’m looking forward to my free mattress :D

  12. KingPsyz says:

    ABC should be fined by the FCC for the worst affront to graphic design since Comic Sans

  13. rbcat says:

    Tatelman would not say exactly how much furniture Jordan’s sold during the “Monster Deal” promotion, but did say it was just short of 30,000 orders. He would not give a dollar figure.

    Why not? Is it that big of a competitive thing that no company can take a quick glance at its computerized inventory and books management system, then say: “Yeah, we sold 28,734 orders during that period that totaled $17,372,481.19 after sales tax.”

  14. harumph says:

    i didn’t believe the worst photoshop claim until i saw it. that looks like a carvel commercial for chrissakes!

  15. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    My 3 year old could do better graphic design with a TRS-80 and maybe 10 minutes of spare time. Looks like ABC spent very little time on the graphics

  16. humphrmi says:

    I think I see where they taped the pictures of the furniture over the picture of the ballpark.

  17. CyGuy says:

    “The company was founded by Tatelman’s grandfather about 80 years ago and was sold in 1999 to Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.”

    Berkshire Hathaway among many other things owns insurance companies (including GEICO). I wouldne’t be surprised if the insurer for the big payoff wasn’t another BH owned company.

  18. flashing12 says:

    ummm…it’s TV right?? well, it isn’t photoshop OR MS paint OR tape. They clearly shot video of the furniture in front of a green screen and dropped the ballpark into the video where the green screen was. Same as your local weatherman!

  19. whoever photochopped that garbage should be sentenced to no less than 10 years hard time in the slammer