Personal Finance Roundup

This Is Your Brain on Money [Yahoo Finance] “Here are five ways your brain can trick you into making financial blunders, and how to avoid them.”

Understanding the Seven Habits of Wealth [Get Rich Slowly] “In the words of Aristotle, [habits] teach us that who we are and what we have is a result of what we repeatedly do. Wealth then, is not the result of an act, but the result of our habits.”

Your 5-minute guide to estate planning [MSN Money] “Use these 23 tips to help carry out your wishes, whether you’re rich or just hanging on.”

I Can Get Your Kid into an Ivy [Business Week] “Michele Hernandez boasts that 95% of her teenage clients are accepted by their first-choice school. Her price: As much as $40,000 a student.”

How to Check Out an Adviser [Kiplinger] “I am considering hiring an investment adviser to handle a portion of my portfolio. Is there a way to check on whether any complaints have been filed against the adviser?”

(Photo: mightynine)

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