Delta's Plummeting Dufflebag Incident Results In Tragic Loss Of Favorite Dolls

We feel really bad for Abby, the 9 year-old girl who lost her favorite dolls when they plummeted from an open Delta (Atlantic Southeast) cargo hold several thousand feet in the air above Chicagoland.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The bag fell out of the Delta Connection plane Sunday after a door in the cargo hold opened after takeoff. The plane landed safely, and no one on the ground was injured by the two pieces of luggage that fell out.

One of the bags was found and returned to its owner, but Abby’s duffel is still missing. Now she is trying to cope with the loss of some of her closest friends.

“One thing you learn as a parent, especially a father, is that little girls treat these dolls much like people,” said Telan, of Orlando, Fla. “The image of these things crashing into a field or a building is rather traumatic for them.”

The family has been contacted by American Girl Place about replacing Abby Ann’s beloved Marisol Luna doll, one of the casualties of Sunday’s mishap.

Telan appreciates the interest in his daughter’s lost dolls, but he said “the overriding concern in my mind is we had a cargo door come off during takeoff.”

“How in the world does that happen?” he said.

Good question. If anyone finds the bag, Abby is missing her friends.

Jet fallout: Girl’s dolls lost from plane [Sun-Times] (Thanks, Daniel!)
(Photo:Leonid V. Kroujkov)

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