This past Saturday, police spent four hours booking 210 people for trespassing at a shopping center in York, Pennsylvania, where they’ve been gathering for over a year to engage in illegal drag racing after-hours. One of the drag racers got away in his car. [York Daily Record]


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  1. protest says:

    i just heard about this last night and i am pissed. i am big into the aftermarket import scene and am sick and tired of police coming around and harassing kids for, essentially, standing around. and before you jump down my throat i do realize they were on private property. i understand that street racing is wrong, and i do not promote it, but busting kids for standing in parking lots? if the property owner calls the cops then fine, that’s legit, but cops cruising around and kicking you out with no call from the owner?

    this article didn’t point out that the police came at these kids with tasers and guns drawn. yes tasers and guns, for a bunch of minors looking at eachothers cars. there have been some instances where cops have approached us in a parking lot and just check out what we are doing, talk to us, look at our cars, and if we are not doing anything destructive, they will say goodnight and leave. but there are far more times where people are verbally abused by the cops, because the cops need a power trip and know they can get away with it. at Sheetz if you drive a certain type of car, even though you are a paying customer, you can and will be asked to leave by a cop, even if you’ve only been there for 5 minutes! i swear if we were into crown victorias instead the cops wouldn’t be doing this crap.

    i’d rather my kid be into his car, and learning something than doing something destructive. all the cops are doing is giving these kids more reason to hate cops.

    a local york business is protesting the actions of the police by letting import enthusiests hang out in his parking lot for as long as they want after they eat in the restaurant.

    whew, sorry for the rant, it’s personal.

  2. Karkus says:

    The way I see it, street racing is pretty darn destructive. A speeding car IS a deadly weapon.

    Even though what the cops did seems a bit borderline, I must say that if those kids are getting so bold that they’ll intentionally block off traffic to race, then they already hate the cops, and anything the cops can do to put a damper on that scene is a good thing.

  3. Android8675 says:

    Don’t see the point of drag racing, just seems really dangerous, destructive, and a general public nusanse. Where are parents now a days? I’m sure this isn’t the defacto standard, but it sounds to me like either these kids need a time out or the parents do.

    I digress though, I am not a parent, but I have an idea what it can be like (lots of nieces/nephews).

    Maybe the problem is these kids need an outlet or something? As for the police coming at the kids with guns and tasers, if I were a cop I’d probably do the same. Doesn’t sound like anyone was killed, thank god, but you hear every day about kids and guns and all that lovely violence, what’re you gonna do?

  4. skrom says:

    Cars are made for one purpose, and one purpose only and that is to get from point “A” to point “B”. These kids are nothing but punks. I see them all the time and all they are is a bunch of kids who waste money on stupid mufflers that sound like chainsaws, when what they should be doing is saving their money for college so they dont end up in a Consumerist article about how they are $250,000 in debt at age 25, and blame predatory credit card companies for their troubles. When I was a kid which was only in the early 90s we found lots of things to do that didnt include loitering in the parking lots of businesses. In fact a lot of the time they are out at like 1:00 AM when they should be in BED. Where is all the parents? That’s right, parents today want to be their kid’s friends instead of parents. They are afraid to discipline kids these days.

  5. sardonicbastard says:

    @skrom: Wow…a kid in the early 90’s, and already a grampa 17 years later. Amazing how time flies. Cars aren’t just meant for “getting from point a to point b” for everyone. My car is my hobby, and I enjoy racing it on race tracks occasionally. What these kids really need is a proper outlet for them to SAFELY race their cars, instead of on the streets.

  6. drjayphd says:

    @sardonicbastard: There aren’t enough +1’s in the world for your comment.

  7. StevieD says:

    Cruising and tweaking cars is as old as my grandpappy. Cruisers are as much of a pain in the back side today as they were back then. Maybe even more so.

    Everybody, myself included, have done stupid things. I personally got busted for doing 92 in a 45 zone according to the cop speedometer that raced me down and gave me a ticket. And Saturday nights in my home town growing up there was absolutely no way any body could eat at Pizza Inn as the high school senior class had taken over the parking lot and the entire resturant.

    That was then.

    Today I totally understand what a big paid in the arse I was when I was 17. Bottom line I hate cruisers and racers. It is not safe to take my kids to Dairy Queen for an after diner treat as the cruisers are circling the store in an endless loop. The supermarket parking lot is enter at your own risk after 8 PM as idiots try to set land speed records in the “1/4 mile acceleration and hope traffic clears so I can enter the surface street and slow down competition”. Then there are the surface streets near subdivisions in my town that have rows of skid marks stretching for 25-30 feet where burnout parties have taken place. And don’t get me started about the rolling boom boxes that are louder than the horn of the fire truck trying to pass the pimped out car.

    The cops didn’t have to “target” the punks in York PA, if the punks in that town are like the punks in my town they have done very well advertising their activities and asking for the police involvement.

  8. protest says:

    totally agree with you. too bad the only tracks around are in reading and maryland.

    i’m sorry you feel that way about your vehicle, and it’s unfortunate that the only automotive enthusiests you’ve come across are ricers, but some of us are truly dedicated to the sport and to making technological advances. there is more to this lifestyle than cheap mufflers.

  9. SoFlaSnowMan says:

    How is this relevant to a consumer (other than the fact that it took place at a shopping center)?

  10. fashionista says:

    @sardonicbastard: I don’t know where you live but here in St. Louis, there’s a race track in Illinois, about 20 minutes away. However, there’s always some drag racer killing either himself or some innocent person because they want to race down a main street in a residential and/or business area. Sometimes, it’s not a case of not having somewhere to go, it’s a case of being too damned lazy to go. That’s why the police bust up youth “gatherings” whenever they see them. Also, them same “gatherings” have been known to attract or be a coverup for other kinds of crime and illegal goings-on. Now, I’m not trying to be a gramma as I was a kid in the early ’90s too, but, my mindset is that I’d rather keep safe areas safe and play when and where it is allowed. I won’t say cars are just for getting from point A to point B as some people do have emotional attachments to their vehicle(s). But take the racing to where it belongs: on a race track. If nonesuch exists where you are, then consider yourself having found a business opp.