Morning Deals

  • Omaha Steaks: 4 (8 oz.) Filet Mignons for $59.99
  • OfficeMax: $20 off $50 Purchase
  • Meritline: 2 pack of HDMI 6 foot m2m Cables for $10 w/ free shipping.
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  • K-Mart: Halloween costumes 50% off online
  • 25% off purchases coupon
  • Brooks Brothers: 10% off purchases coupon
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    1. is that a good price for steaks? my local butcher sells filet’s for $15 a lb. locally raised beef, no hormones, grass and grain fed, etc. Do they do something special with the meat?

    2. rdm says:

      I was wondering the same thing, Moonshine Mike. I mean Omaha Steaks are decent but is $15 each a good price? Not just for them, but in general. I typically don’t buy Filets :)

    3. hoosier45678 says:

      My dad used to receive omaha filets occasionally as a “Thank You”. Personally, I’ve never found them to be as good as the ones in the supermarket for half the price (assuming you don’t freeze them).

      Chowhounders seem to agree: []

    4. drummer_kev says:

      $30 a pound for filet mignon is a terrible price. Especially considering it’s frozen.

      You can pick up grass-fed natural filets for less than that at Whole Foods or your local butcher and it’s FRESH.

    5. jerkasaurus says:

      Not only is it a terrible price, but you can expect to receive incessant phone calls from Omaha Steaks once you order from them. I ordered from them once last Christmas. About a month ago, they started calling me every day twice a day until I sent them a message on their web form telling them to remove me from their list. I never picked up their calls because I don’t answer my phone when I don’t recognize the number (not to mention they were always calling at bizarre times, like 9:00 PM) — finally did a google search on the number and found tons of hits from people complaining about the same thing, which is how I finally found out who it was. Grrr.

    6. Arlahna says:

      Poor man’s filet mignon (for those who won’t shell out the bucks even when it is $15 a lb).

      Get a steak, a nice thick one of good size. Cut in half. Wrap with bacon. Grill. Tada! Or wait until Albertsons does it for you (which is how I discovered it) at $5.99 a lb! MUCH cheaper.

    7. Canadian Impostor says:

      Oh boy, frozen steak!

    8. Sian says:

      I have still not forgiven Omaha Steaks for their shady email practices. There’s plenty of other places to get overpriced mail-order meat.