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Ebay isn’t the only shopping site revamping its look: Goodwill’s online shopping website, which has been around since 1999, is about to launch a redesigned site that’s cleaner and easier to navigate. Because the only sellers on the site are member organizations of Goodwill Industries International, the selection may not be as big as eBay, but the fraud is minimal as well—and the member pool is large enough to have “posted more than 17,000 items from inventory that includes antiques, collectibles, clothing, electronics, books and musical instruments, which are arranged according to category. “

The site was started by the Goodwill in Orange County, California, and now has 71 member stores that participate.

“Goodwill launches online shopping” [Dallas Morning News]


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  1. UpsetPanda says:

    I took a quick look, and it looks to be a good place to buy certain items.

  2. demonradio says:

    Some of the stuff looks cool. I saw a couple good deals on knitting stuff. But I prefer looking through Goodwill for good deals. I bought an original Nintendo, in the box with all the little booklets and papers, for $16. I was a happy girl that day. It works great too. I still play it about once a week some 3 years later.
    Goodwill rocks. I’ll keep checking that site from time to time.

  3. shekondar says:

    I browse it once in a while but hardly ever buy anything – you get the same morons you get on ebay bidding items up way more than they’re actually worth. Plus the shipping charges are usually a ripoff and they add a 5% handling charge to the final bid.

  4. harleymcc says:

    $49 to ship a 1 lb item to Canada?

    More like Good-Luck

  5. MBZ321 says:

    That takes the fun out of it if you ask me. I’ll stick to rummaging around my local goodwill and not have to deal with shipping, then when i find something with worth, i can ebay it!

  6. While fraud won’t be as big a problem on the Goodwill site as it is on eBay, I still wouldn’t buy any designer items there as there’s no guarantee they’re real.

    I used to volunteer at a thrift store and there were lots of fakes donated – mostly bags and sunglasses – and most were priced as though they were real.

    I’d often see other volunteers pull terrible, ugly fakes from a pile of donations and say, “ooh Dior, this is a really good brand, we’d better put $50 on this one”.

    I’d gently take them aside and explain that real Dior bags aren’t made of torn pleather and suggest that $5 was a more reasonable price.

    On the Goodwill site, everything is sold “as is”, so it’s a case of buyer beware.

  7. DarthSensei says:

    I’ve tried this site a few times, but will not use them anymore. People actually bid these up MORE than ebay because its “for a good cause.” Also, the folks they hire to pack and ship this stuff are not very careful. Also, they weren’t very helpful when I complained that my stuff arrived broken.

  8. DTWD says:

    They don’t ship to APOs. Though the nearest Goodwill store is about 40 minutes away.

  9. thirday413 says:

    @demonradio: Nice Nintendo find. I’m actually on my way out the door to Goodwill for some additions to my Bob Dylan Halloween costume. Go figure.

  10. junkiegirl says:

    BE VERY CAREFUL: Pictures are deceiving and I was royally burned on a jewelry purchase which appeared to be a decent buy and turned out to be children’s jewelry. There were no actual sizes of the pendants listed but total weight in grams (which I should have checked and understood). The picture online was over double the size of the actual jewelry and there was no reference, like a coin or a person’s hand, to put it in perspective. There was a bidding war for these items so I believe I wasn’t the only one fooled into thinking this was a decent purchase.