DHL "Loses" Two Brand New Dell Laptops In A Row

Here’s a lovely coincidence: DHL keeps “losing” brand new shiny laptops from Dell. How mysterious!

I am a first semester graduate student who needs a computer. In mid-September (2007) I placed an order for a laptop with Dell. The laptop finally shipped in early October, and it arrived at the DHL warehouse in Las Vegas (where I live) on Thursday, October 4. On Friday, October 5, I called DHL to see when my order would arrive at my apartment. I had to call the national 800 number as I could not find the local DHL number. They let me know that my order would arrive by the end of business that day. My order had 3 parts: a printer, software and my actual laptop. The printer and software arrived fine, but my laptop did not. I called DHL again and they gave me the first of many apologies. They said that for whatever reason, the laptop “didn’t make it onto the truck.” They assured me that my laptop would arrive at my apartment by the end of business on Monday (they don’t deliver on the weekends). This didn’t make me happy as I had many papers due the following week.

Monday, October 8 rolled around and still no computer. I tracked it online and called DHL at 200pm to find out where my laptop was. I talked to someone (who apologized) and he said that he would contact the local Las Vegas DHL office and ask them to call me back within an hour. They would not give me the local number. At 320pm, I called DHL again and let them know that no one had called me back. The customer service rep apologized (of course) and told me that he would send another message to the local Las Vegas office and “hopefully they would contact me before they closed for the day at 500pm.” I didn’t like that answer, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. I explained what was going on to the supervisor and she apologized. She put me on hold while she contacted the local office. After about 10 minutes, she came back on the line, apologized, and let me know that they could not find my package, that it was “missing”. I then asked her if DHL would be paying for a new computer and she told me I needed to file a claim with Dell. She said this like it was no big deal. She also let me know that DHL would not be searching for my package any more.

I wasn’t too happy, but I contacted Dell (via email, since the customer service queue was closed). The next morning Dell contacted me and told me that they had talked to DHL and my laptop was indeed “missing.” The Dell rep told me that they would be creating a new laptop for me (the exact same as the old one) and that it would ship on or before October 15.

I waited and on Saturday, October 13, my Dell account showed that my replacement laptop had been shipped. I tracked it to the local DHL office and by that day, it had arrived at the Las Vegas warehouse.

On Monday, October 15, I called DHL because I noticed in the shipping info online, they did not have my apartment number, they just had the street address. The DHL rep apologized and let me know that my laptop would arrive at my apartment by 300pm that day. At 310pm, I called my apartment office (they would be signing for my computer). They let me know that nothing had been delivered for me. I then called DHL and asked to speak with a supervisor. I got one on the line and asked where my laptop was. The supervisor apologized and let me know that the delivery driver for my laptop had to be pulled in (she never told me why), but there would be a PM delivery and my laptop would arrive that night. At 630pm on Monday, I still didn’t have my computer. I called DHL, and asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor apologized and let me know that the delivery drivers would not deliver that late at night and that I would not be getting my laptop that night. She also let me know that the Las Vegas warehouse had closed so she couldn’t even find out what was going on. She suggested I call at 800am the next day when the center opened to see what was going on.

At 820am today (Tuesday, October 16), I called DHL and asked to talk to a supervisor. I got one and she apologized, and let me know that the Vegas warehouse didn’t open until 830am. She said she would send them a priority message and have them call me back within an hour of them opening. At 1000am, I still hadn’t heard back from DHL. I called them, got a supervisor (who apologized) and then she transfered me to a supervisor at the Las Vegas office. The supervisor at the Las Vegas office did not give me her name and she was rude to begin with. She said “I am going to be honest with you, we cannot locate your package.” At that point I was not happy and I yelled “What?” She then yelled back “I am being honest with you, so don’t yell at me.” I was dumbfounded. She said she would look further for the package and get back to me. I then told her that maybe she should be looking for security cameras and trainers for her warehouse since there were obviously a bunch of thieves working there. She snapped back at me “We’re working on that!” and she hung up.

I never did hear back from the Vegas office. I heard back from the “executive customer service” department who talked to me for about 2 minutes and said they would look at providing further Loss Prevention training for the Vegas office. I then called DHL back at 300pm and got a supervisor. I told him I just wanted the update I was promised. He said the computer had been updated at 1130am and it said my laptop was officially “missing.” I vented to him for awhile and he said that Dell is very experienced in taking claims from DHL and that this type of thing was all too common. He was the only decent customer service person I dealt with. He seemed generally sorry for my inconvenience.

So that’s where I’m at. I have filed another claim with Dell and am waiting to hear back from them. I still don’t know what was with the Vegas supervisor and the whole “I’m being honest” thing. It was like she thought she deserved a medal for telling me the truth.

I will be telling Dell that my next computer needs to be shipped by FedEx, UPS, USPS or courier pigeon for all I care, just not DHL

Sue sent us an update today and say she’s now getting the runaround from Dell as well. Time to launch an EECB.
Sue has the patience of Job. We’d have just canceled or done a chargeback. There are plenty of laptops out there to choose from.



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  1. tcolberg says:

    DHL “lost” a Dell laptop that I ordered for my sister back in August. Although I wasn’t happy about the delay, the CSRs did give me very good service and shipped the replacement laptop from Dell to me via Overnight Shipping.

    They need to work on their loss prevention, and it’s ridiculous that your laptop got “lost” twice, but it didn’t seem like you were mistreated by anyone at DHL (aside from the laptops being stolen).

  2. bklynrickel says:

    sue needs to dispute the charge to dell with her credit card company. if dell has so many problems with dhl why are they using them?

  3. jmschn says:

    wow, what a horrid story!

  4. mandarin says:

    This means one thing… Avoid using DHL in Las Vegas!

  5. Caprica Six says:

    Hey Meg, don’t you mean Jobe? :) “Sue has the patience of Job.”

    Yea, I woulda’ just did a chargeback and got a new one, but I can understand waiting because, hell, you’d have to go through the whole process. Next time, get a Macbook. Unless, you break, er the screen breaks by some mysterious way.

    I’m just saying….

  6. Phildawg says:

    I think this definitely sucks for Sue but this is not a problem with DHL. It’s a problem with thieving employees. This is not just something that happens with DHL, it happens everywhere of course because guess what? We don’t pay enough for shipping to make sure their employees are all top notch and making a good living.

    Working with Best Buy, we had a problem for about 6 months where about 20 high end items were stolen while in transit with UPS. It made it even more difficult as the thieves would open boxes and reseal them and then the other party would accept them. The other party was a major repair center and was receiving 100s of packages a day which made it difficult to track down. On Best Buy’s end, we never found out what happened, just that the lost packages stopped. Obviously the thieving employee was either caught or left.

    This unfortunately is the major problem with buying items online, especially high priced ones. The packaging is very easy to target and the shipping centers are huge with few employees transferring packages from here to there. Losses are to be expected, and multiple losses from the same shipping route are expected. If the guy sees Dell box and decides to steal it the first time, he is probably going to do it the second time too.

    This is the only advantage to buying something from a store. Which, in my opinion, is why if you needed something so quickly (you stated that you needed it practically the day you received it). I really think you should have purchased something from a brick and mortar store. You buy things online when you don’t need it immediately as delays are quite common from theft to just simple delays and stock. If you can’t hold it in your hand before you buy it, you don’t really have much of any guarantee when you will be able to hold it in your hand after you buy it.

  7. SBR249 says:

    @big keytee: No, it’s Job, as in the Book of Job in the Old Testament.

    Maybe computer manufacturers should use boxes sans their brand and logo printed on every side. A box the size of a laptop with a Dell logo is always gonna be a very inviting target…but on the other hand, a regular sized box with nothing on it might reduce the risk of it being stolen.

  8. DriverB says:

    ‘Job’ really is spelled J-o-b. He’s a biblical figure – God tests him by having many tragedies come into his life, but Job maintains his faith. . .well it’s a little more complicated than that of course, but that’s where the saying ‘patience of Job’ comes from.

    I’m really impressed with how many phone calls Sue made. That part alone would drive me batty. I’ve never had to deal with DHL, and it looks like I definitely won’t be dealing with them any time soon.

  9. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    I ordered a new Dell this summer, and got excellent service from DHL. They came back on the same day after they left a note saying that a signature was needed. In my area, UPS never would have done that. Fed-Ex perhaps. Sorry you had problems, and I wish you well.

  10. stevemis says:

    Lovely. The DHL guy just picked up my Mac Book Pro for warranty work. They were supposed to be here between 8 and 5. I called at 6pm and the guy was here at 6:30. Apple says to get a signed receipt, although the guy said they don’t do that. He walked back to his truck and found a McDonald’s napkin, on which he wrote the date, his name and the tracking number.

    Class operation.

  11. ptkdude says:

    @SBR249: Apple already does this (uses plain outer boxes when shipping). My MacBook Pro made it all the way from China and even sat on my doorstep for several hours, and no one knew what it was.

  12. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @big keytee: Jobe was the main character in the Lawnmower Man movies. I don’t recall as he had a lot of patience.

  13. @Phildawg:I think this definitely sucks for Sue but this is not a problem with DHL. It’s a problem with thieving employees.

    Help me out here – who HIRED the thieving employees and how is this NOT a DHL problem? Dell made the laptop, Dell shipped the laptop, and twice, twice, mind you, DHL has failed to make sure said laptop reached its destination. How is that NOT a DHL problem?

  14. Phildawg says:

    @BaysideWrestling: You can blame DHL all you want, but it’s shipping industry wide that has the problem. It’s not just a DHL problem, it’s a FedEX problem, it’s a UPS problem, it’s a retail store delivery system problem, it’s then entire SHIPPING INDUSTRY’s problem.

    Sure I’ll give you this is DHL’s fault, they are responsible for having a thieve. But I guarantee packages are stolen everywhere. You take a team of about 5-6 people, pay them a wage of 7-12 bucks an hour, leave them around high end merchandise and you don’t expect this to get lost?

    Actually I have an aunt who is high up the management ladder and shipper theft is their number one problem and they account for it quite well in their prices. They have decided the 3 main factors of shipping are currently where the people desire them: Cost of Shipping Service, Cost of Labor, and Expected Losses that Shipper will cover.

    The figures are very similar for all shippers, except the USPS. This is because first, any violation at USPS is federal law with much harsher punishments, and the USPS also pays their employees considerably more verse all other competitors. The Big Three cry fowl on this all the time because they like to suggest that this is because the USPS is subsidized by the federal government, which of course is not true and a different conversation =)

  15. Phildawg says:

    I forgot to say that my aunt is high up the management ladder within UPS.

    I personally have witnessed the issues from Best Buy side of things. I also have had a package stolen while in transit through FedEX.

  16. Firemedic510 says:

    Man, had the same kind of thing happen to me with DHL and Dell at christmas last year. Wife had got me an xbox 360. Disappeared from DHL a week before christmas. She cancelled it, told Dell and DHL to fight it out, we got one from Best Buy. Thieving bastards.

  17. RAREBREED says:

    “He was the only decent customer service person I dealt with. He seemed generally sorry for my inconvenience.” This guy has been stocking up on lap tops! That’s probably why he was so sorry for your loss!!!

  18. warf0x0r says:

    All my Dell packages come via UPS. If I really want to recieve my package I make sure its UPS. Once a FedEx truck “exploded”, accourding to the CSR who I had to call to find out why my package hadn’t arrived yet.

  19. Lynn12 says:

    Sounds like someone helped themselves to an early Christmas bonus.

  20. BlueModred says:

    Congrats to the d-bag at DHL who stole them. He just stole two plastic containers of headache.

  21. jvette says:

    Many times I have had to deal with DHL and they have been the worst company I have ever had stuff shipped through. Many of the drivers are very unprofessional and sloppy looking. I also had very nasty customer service people to deal with. I now require my items to not be shipped by DHL. How they stay in business beats me.

    I guess they are cheap!

  22. td1003659 says:

    We have actually had DHL drivers tell us that they don’t want to deliver to my business–15 miles east of St. Louis. I have had 10:30am overnight packages take up to a week to arrive. We told all of our vendors that if they ship anything via DHL again, they will lose all of our business. My Dell laptop, shipped via DHL (Nashville to St. Louis) took 10 days to arrive. I should have specified overnight shipping…at least then I might have got it in a week :)

  23. C2D says:

    Just imagine if Apple used DHL…

  24. crackblind says:

    DHL got me my MacBook Pro. I sent out a broken Powerbook G4 for a warranty repair. DHL picked it up at my office and about a week later, when I hadn’t heard anything, I called for the status. The rep started to look it up and then ominously said I have to hold as she transferred me. The box was opened in transit and delivered empty.

    Everyone at Apple was great and it sounded like it wasn’t uncommon. The rep who I dealt with apologized profusely and said it would be a week to investigate and he called me back several times during the week to let me know they were still looking into it. At the end of the week, he confirmed it was gone and then apologized that he had to upgrade me to a MacBook Pro, because they were on backorder (they’d just come out) and it would be up to 2 weeks till I got it. Only took a week.

    Apple doesn’t seem to use DHL anymore.

    Also, remember to backup, especialy if it is possible before sending in for repair. Saved my butt.

  25. I just look at this and laugh, because it’s all so common. A good friend of mine ordered a dell laptop, and while it was shipped quicker than expected – it somehow got lost in the delivery company’s system.

    In the land down under, Dell deliveries are handled by Shenker Logistics (The new name for BAX Global). Due to a massive foul up in their systems, the AWB’s and shipping data for his package vanished from their system. Took them 9 days to fix the error and deliver the new laptop.

  26. cdan says:

    @C2D: Apple DOES use DHL, or at least they used to

    I needed Apple to exchange my 23″ Cinema Display (too many dead pixels!) and DHL came to pick it up

    I was a little wary because they driver was totally unprofessional, wearing torn-up shorts and a ratty t-shirt. The only reason I gave him my display was that he was driving the DHL truck! Anyway, I call Apple 2 weeks later to check on the status, and guess what – they never got it!

    After a bit of back-and-forth blame-game between Apple and DHL I escalated at both companies and finally found someone at Apple who took charge and fixed everything. Except my compulsion to buy a new mac every 1.5 years.

  27. JohnMc says:

    Always, always if you can arrange it to have your package arranged for depot pickup. ie. you go get it. This prevents third party theft due to ‘at door’ delivery. If insurance is an option get it too for high value items like laptops.

  28. Kat says:

    Years ago when I had a Gateway laptop, I had to ship it for repair via Airborne Express (that was Gateway’s choice, not mine.) When it was due back, they lost it. I spent the next 2 hours after I found out on the phone between Gateway and AE, figuring out how to file a claim. I finally got the claim filed, and poof, there on my doorstep the next day by noon was my “lost” laptop.

    WTF, did they think I wasn’t going to file a claim? That I’d just write off the $2500?

  29. Sounds like it’s all DHL’s fault, really. Dell is paying for someone at DHL’s gain. If anything, I’d push DHL corporate, though Dell should probably try Fedex or UPS the next time around.

  30. Suppafly says:

    fedex in my town has a problem with “losing” packages.
    when you call, they swear up and down that the driver dropped it off by the back door near the car port. which is hilarious since we have neither a back door nor a car port.

    sometimes the packages show up a few days later, mysteriously tossed underneath one of the cars in our driveway, even though the cars weren’t there the day the package was originally supposed to have been delivered and signed for.

    usually by the time the package shows up, the replacement package has already arrived.

  31. RottNDude says:

    @jvette: So true about the unprofessionalism of DHL employees (at least their drivers). They are always below-par in their appearance and demeanor, and are the ones we always catch speeding through the neighborhood.

  32. endless says:

    Forget using blank boxes.

    I would use boxes like “GOATSE PIX”

  33. BigNutty says:

    I think you should go for courier pigeon from now on. LOL.

    I would have gone “postal” by now. The famous “runaround” technique at it’s best.

  34. Austere579 says:

    I work for a company who uses UPS to ship most of its laptops. So far UPS Ground has lost one last year and one this year. To top that off, a freight company (can’t remember who) delivered us 6 empty Apple boxes. They were conveniently on the bottom of the stack. So its not just DHL.

  35. lestat730 says:

    is DHL the only way to get the laptop shipped to where he lives? If possible I would demand shipment with UPS, FedEx or USPS

  36. Keter says:

    According to my husband, all DHL trucks are owner-operated. That might explain the level of service differences.

  37. princessrini says:

    @warf0x0r: Oddly enough, that might have been true, to a degree. I used to work for a student loan servicing company processing applications. A courier plane (might have been FedEx, I can’t be certain, the company had contracts with all major couriers) crashed while carrying a metric ton of financial paperwork and loan contracts. The pilot wasn’t seriously injured (bumps, bruises and shaken nerves) and neither was anyone on the ground. Here’s where IMO it gets a little weird; instead of trying to go through all that crap and figure out what was whose, they (the company I used to work for) torched the cargo contents and sent out new forms/contracts. According to my then-supervisor, it was easier than trying to sort everything out and/or clean it to the point where it could be mailed. Might be a similar situation to your experience.

    @Keter: You know, that makes a lot of sense. At my last job (in another part of the state) DHL was the courier that delivered our signage and paychecks from corporate. Never had a problem with not receiving a package from out corporate offices. Always showed up on time, often early. Courteous, neatly dressed drivers/delivery persons. However, I move back home and its been nothing but horror story after horror story with the DHL office here. My girlfriend’s husband somehow broke his phone. Filed a claim with the insurance company. They sent out a new phone via DHL. Not only does it arrive a day late (with no explanation whatsoever as to why) but when she opened the box? The box had the box for the phone, but no phone. It was a nightmare and a half for them to get it replaced. Very similar experience to what my boyfriend’s best friend went through to get his phone replaced and that was that was his company phone. I guess your experience really does depend on the owner-operator. Craziness.

  38. juri squared says:

    I’m typing on my brand new DHL-delivered laptop. I was VERY nervous when I found out they used DHL as I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them. I’m counting my blessings that this one arrived all right.

    For the record, the delivery guy was driving a Penske rental van. It’s not the first time I’ve seen DHL use stuff like that. What gives? Yellow vans too expensive?

  39. Major-General says:

    The first problem is that it shipped DHL. I don’t believe they have a competent employee anywhere.

    The next step is to call DHL and let them know in no uncertain terms that either your laptop turns up or the Las Vegas PD gets a theft complaint.

  40. James Marino says:

    I had two boxes from “ACI” go missing via DHL. Most of the drivers know that the “ACI” boxes are from “Apple Computer, Inc.” (Even though Apple dropped “Computer” from their name, their boxes still say ACI.)

    My favorite thing is that the driver claimed that he left it on my porch when there was no possible way he could have — it had fresh wet paint that the driver did not know about. Seems he was never at the house on that day.

    Unfortunately, I still see this driver on our route and I am expecting my MacBook back from Apple next week…

  41. AmericaTheBrave says:

    DHL stinks. I live in a secured apartment building. You have to be buzzed in. I was expecting delivery of an expensive laptop one day, tracking it on the DHL website, keeping an eye on the traffic outside to try and spot a truck, etc. Then the website says the laptop has been delivered. No buzz, no knock, no signature. I get ready to run to the lobby hoping nobody has stolen my laptop and find it sitting in the hallway outside my apartment door. Somehow the DHL driver got into the building without buzzing me, came up to the third floor, and, while I was inside waiting, decided not to knock and just left it laying on the floor where anyone could steal it.

    DHL – Dumb Hired Labor

  42. ab3i says:

    DHL had ‘lost’ a laptop I had ordered for my girlfriend last summer. Dell was willing to ship another one, but I didn’t want it to come via DHL, so they sent it overnight via FedEx. On a separate note, I have seen DHL ‘toss’ business documents off at my door that were not supposed to be delivered without my signature.

  43. wildfire991 says:

    I know DHL is not the best, but why is it that supervisors at so many of these companies don’t even know the most basic information about business operations, like when the warehouse opens, when drivers stop delivering, and how to not make bogus promises to customers?

  44. Spencer says:

    I’ve had plenty of problems with DHL as well. Mostly the package being “delivered” when in fact, no such thing occurred. However, the times it DID happen were with orders from and their customer service is GREAT, so I had virtually no problems getting replacements/credit.

    However, I do think the DHL@Home option is terrible. It amounts to the consumer paying premium DHL shipping prices for USPS service (DHL picks up from shipper, brings to local USPS office, USPS delivers to consumer). A package I had delivered using this “service” cost me $8, but would only have costed around $2 if shipped using only USPS. To me that is negative value. In addition, you can only track the package while it is with DHL. No USPS tracking is available.

  45. DHL did them a favor

  46. KenZ says:

    My company used DHL in the 90’s but dumped them after a series of laptops went missing. It’s nothing new. The size, weight and origin of the package give away the contents.

    We dropped them for FedEx and had many fewer disappearances. So I think DHL is part of the problem.

  47. BrooklynMike says:

    And here I was thinking I was the only one experiencing problems with DHL.

  48. 4corners_enthusiast says:

    Why didn’t the original blogger share the most updated DHL status of the packages? It sounds like to me that his shipment was “undeliverable” because his address was incorrect (no apartment number) and was returned back to DELL.

    In order to change an incorrect address with DHL there is a $10 fee -from personal experience -(unless you are a good salesperson, and can get Customer Service to waive the fee). Sounds like this blogger was unaware that his address was incorrect until the 2nd delivery, and was too cheap to fork over the $10, and would rather escalate the call claiming his laptop was “lost”.

    However, on another note: if a Customer Service Representative promises someone will call you back at a specific time, they better do so. Sounds like a staffing issue or a training issue is prevelant for DHL Customer Service.

  49. JustAGuy2 says:


    The subsidy is indirect, but it’s there. Just try to open your own operation sending first class mail, and see how that goes for you.

  50. SybilDisobedience says:

    My boyfriend ordered a Dell computer about 6 months ago that shipped thru DHL, and we couldn’t BELIEVE all they put us thru in order to pick it up. (They called us to come get it at the DHL terminal, for instance, refusing to deliver it even when we were home; they required us to bring all documentation we’d printed offline when ordering the PC, etc.) According to DHL, all these crazy security measures were required by Dell themselves because of “previous delivery issues.” Now I know what they were getting at.

  51. fejjnagaf says:

    I work for a technology solutions provider that ships millions of dollars a day in laptops, servers, destops – we ship literally tons a day…
    I won’t use DHL as a ship method, even if it means covering the difference myself to ship via UPS or FEDEX.
    I sold 12 17″ lcd displays to a customer in California. Due to the business being closed for a few days while they completed a renovation, the customer asked me to ship to their home. I shipped via DHL. 5 days later, my customer called to complain. It turns out DHL delivered 10 of the monitors to her home by leaving them on her front porch. No one was home and instead of leaving a delivery attempt notice and rescheduling, they just left them. Well, most of them. 2 mysteriously dissapeared. Our company had to file a LDI claim (lost, damaged or incomplete) with DHL, who paid for replacement. I contacted DHL to compain about their lax security and poor delivery policy to find out that since there was no signature request filed, the delivery person decided to just leave them there.
    I informed them that I felt the decision was stupid since we were talking about close to $2000 in monitors that the driver decided to leave in plain sight of anyone who wanted to take one….
    DHL is a joke. DO NOT SHIP WITH THEM. Spend the extra money and ship via UPS or FedEx. If you are ordering from a reseller or an OEM, request they not ship DHL.

  52. phantomoftheopry says:

    Avoid DHL, period. At my job we used to use them as our carrier, but their delivery is unreliable and their customer service nonexistent. We’ve switched to FedEx.

  53. MrEvil says:

    The problem is DHL contracts out to a third party to do your local delivery. If you notice on the side of the trucks it should say “operated by:” The drivers and most of the folks at the local station are NOT DHL employees, merely employees of the contractor. The only DHL employee at the facility is generally the station services manager.

    It’s kind of a crap-shoot. The DHL operator where I live has professional drivers who are well dressed and are pleasant to deal with. Which is less than I can say for my local UPS driver whom I’ve somehow pissed off and repeatedly smashes my shipments.

  54. Sidecutter says:

    @Kat: Guess what? DHL *is* Airborne. Surprise! That’s how they got so big and suddenly appeared on the world shipping scene, they bought out Airborne.

    @jurijuri: They seem to like Penske when their trucks break down. Our driver here at GE Appliance Park has done the same.

    @ab3i: We had a worker fired here last Friday. Lo and behold, Monday this week, DHL delivered to that tech’s team. What was odd was that they checked the status of that shipment, and found it had been “signed for” six minutes prior by the employee who was terminated three days prior.

  55. bmq says:

    I recently ordered some products from Dell that were all shipped DHL. I wasn’t happy with the service on any of them. The kicker was when I paid extra for overnight delivery on a package which went out on time and then didn’t leave the warehouse in California for an extra day. Why? DHL representatives had no explanation: ‘Yes, I see that this WAS shipped via overnight service, and we did receive it on Thursday, but for some reason it’s still in California.’ To rub it in, the online tracking program kept telling me the ‘estimated delivery date’ was the day they had failed to deliver the package. There’s simply no excuse for that.

  56. mikedt says:

    “Also, remember to backup, especialy if it is possible before sending in for repair.”

    When I sent my hp laptop in for repair (3 times!!) I removed the hd each time. If it’s a hd related problem let them troubleshoot using one of their own. If it’s not, then they didn’t need it in the first place.

  57. jimmyshorts says:

    I am going through the same thing with DHL and Dell right now. My shipment was supposed to come in 3 pieces. Two were delievered and the other was listed as in their warehouse. Several days later, I inquired, and they said they would look into it. The never returned my call, and I called back after they changed the tracking information to say they delievered my package days before I inquired!
    DHL said I had to call Dell, and now Dell is dragging their feet because the DHL records say it was delivered.

  58. doireallyneedausername says:

    I had a desktop computer mysteriously delivered in an opened box. The FedEx driver dropped off the package at my front door, rang the doorbell, and by the time I opened the door, the driver was pulling away. Needless to say, I called HP/Compaq and explain the situation. They hesitantly apologized and did a quick exchange. Nothing was missing, but all the contents in the box looked pilfered through. I’m wasn’t going to take a chance.

    There’s always a few bad apples in every courier service. I’m friendly with my regular route driver, so I think that helps.

  59. doireallyneedausername says:

    Btw, maybe computer manufactures should take a page from the adult industry and advertise that they send the merchandise “discretely” and in a “plain, unmarked box.”


  60. magus_melchior says:

    @endless: Dude, you do not want to give a laptop to someone who’s interested in those.

  61. marsneedsrabbits says:

    DHL “lost” two DVD players a couple of years ago, but not before they lied and said they delivered them and that the “Hispanic woman with the kids” took delivery.
    I’m not Hispanic & there were no kids in the house at the time & no one fitting that description lives here or in the neighborhood.
    After spending an afternoon on the phone playing tag with them, they accused me of “probably stealing the DVD players – because they *know* they were delivered”.
    I contacted the shipper who contacted DHL from their end, then called one more time to tell them that I was preparing to call the police since they were accusing me of theft and I planned to file a report.
    All of a sudden, they escalated my complaint and lo and behold, the DVD players were miraculously found and delivered late that evening. DHL sucks. They suck and they lie.
    If I see that DHL is delivering something I am considering online, I try to find another way to get the item. I do not want to deal with them again.

  62. jawacg says:

    I can’t really say anything bad about DHL. I ordered my Dell laptop, it was finished and shipped and I had it fairly quickly. Of course I live right outside of Nashville and since that is where it was assembled the quickness is not surprising. The only thing I think was stupid was that it was shipped to the hub in Memphis and then back here to be delivered to me, but that’s the process I guess.

  63. tristan.dietz says:

    I worked for them for a little while. When you work for DHL you don’t really work for them, its all sub contracting. I really worked for some company called synergy. I was not stupid though, when I went through training they told me the only things that required signatures was IBM and Dell laptops, the person training me told me that if I was in a rush, I could just leave them on door steps. Lucky for me, I always required signature on anything that looked expensive. Dell boxes were easy to determine what was in them as there was a picture of the item on side of box :) I always got signatures to cover my @$$ :P Letme tell you guys about some losers there though…There was always people “Losing” packages off of the conveyor belt during truck loading…The security system in DHL main station is a old PANASONIC CAMCORDER on a tripod that goes down the entire belt… LOL… theres no way that camcorder has resolution to determine bar codes on box as people loaded 200 boxes into their trucks on a daily basis… DHL did deliver a package that was through the postal service for me rather quickly…Instead of delivering the package to the post office (like they are supposed to do for DHL@home delivery) they left it on my doorstep … it was a box of checks! …. o well… just venting a little bit

  64. SJChip104 says:

    The problem IS with DHL – it’s their SYSTEM…

    I expected a 2-day package Monday. Monday AM – it didn’t go out on the truck for delivery. I don’t know if they have more than one truck, etc. but the fact is that that package should have been assigned to a truck, a manifest drawn up and the tracking updated when put onto the truck.

    THAT’S WHEN THE SYSTEM FAILED. There should have been bells ringing and light flashing and doors locking – WHERE’S THAT PACKAGE? “It’s scheduled for TODAY? Hold that truck until we can find the package!” “But boss, we can’t find the package!”….

    Ok, AT THAT POINT their *SYSTEM* should have been updated – “PACKAGE DELAY – CAN’T LOCATE IN FACILITY.” So, instead of me staying in ear-shot of the door all day (and then another for the false promise of it being delivered the next day) the main office can know WHEN there’s a problem, they can start taking some action.

    THEIR *SYSTEM* IS FLAWED. Their system doesn’t have any such “package missing” option. The result is that main office says, “we give it 4 days to turn up before we mark it as lost”. If their system didn’t have this GAPING HOLE in it, they would have known MONDAY AM that there was a problem. As it was, it was TWO DAYS after that, and only because I created such a stink, which is more than enough time for any tracks to be covered.

    As another noted, the problem ultimately is with people. But even bad people can be controlled by a good system. As the people there KNOW that missing packages won’t be accounted for DAYS after they ACTUALLY go missing, it’s an INVITATION to those with dishonest tendencies. You wouldn’t need that many people “in” on it, unlike more elaborate schemes. No one’s getting caught.

    I find it AMAZING that this situation remains in place. This problem with the system was probably known the FIRST WEEK as I’m sure this happens a lot. I am FORCED to conclude that this problem lies with MANAGEMENT (whoever has decided not to fix the system) and if such poor decision makers are in such high places, this WHOLE COMPANY should be AVOIDED.

  65. Craig Huffstetler / xq says:

    Truthfully, I have had bad experiences with DHL almost every single time I have used them. They consistently and constantly “misplace” packages. Some arrives two months later; however, most never arrive at all.

    I personally prefer FedEx for all of my packaging and shipping needs. Some co-workers swear by UPS due to problems with FedEx, but from what I have experienced firsthand — well, FedEx is the way to go.

  66. Slinkyjones says:

    I work around the Charlotte Douglas airport in North Carolina. I am not sure what it takes to get a job at DHL but driving skills is not high on the list. They wreck into each other or hit other cars all the time in their mad rush to get out first from their terminal. They also just busted a few employees stilling weapons intended for the government not a good call. The moral of most of the drivers I talked to is very low. Top of the list of complaints is the salary of $500 a week while working 10-12 hour days.

  67. khatfield says:

    I agree. I have used DHL in the past.. I have ordered parts from Dell requesting FedEx shipping and they send it via DHL. I have had 3 packages thus far with computer equipment turn up “lost” or saying delivered when it didn’t arrive. Dell has been a headache to get the replacements but they did send replacements and always through DHL. Everytime there is always a different driver with wore out clothes or looks like he just wokeup from a 3 day drunk. DHL is horrible – we use FedEx for everything and have never had a bad experience.

    @DOIREALLYNEEDAUSERNAME: If you received a package that had been opened with all items inside then it could have been knocked open during the sorting process.

    Best of luck but I recommend if you want your package and want it in one piece, go with FedEx.