Deep Vein Thrombosis Lawsuits Against US Airways, Delta Allowed To Continue

Three airline passengers who claim that cramped seating gave them deep vein thrombosis can continue with their lawsuits against Singapore, Delta and US Airways, a judge ruled.

The same judge (who previously threw out 37 similar lawsuits, claiming that an international treated protected airlines from paying damages stemming from routine travel), ruled that these three lawsuits were different because they alleged that the airline negligently caused injuries by not allowing passengers complaining of pain to move to open seats with more legroom.

Walker on Friday also dismissed 14 other lawsuits against domestic airlines not bound by the international treaty. An appeals court has ordered him to separately reconsider whether the airlines are providing enough seating space or would raise fares if forced to remove seats to make cabins roomier.

Air passengers claiming blood clots can sue airlines [IHT]
(Photo:Keenan Pepper)

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