Best Buy Asks You To Wait 21 Days Before Escalating Your Issue

“Speedball” over at The Denver Egotist is displeased with the service he’s getting from Best Buy. For some reason (they want to get him off the phone, maybe?) Besy Buy keeps telling him to wait. Sometimes it’s 10 days. Other times its 21 days. Speedball is getting tired of waiting.

To date, I have spoken to your main customer service department who could only offer to escalate my problems if I wait 21 days (I guess the first 7 months don’t count). I have spoken with your repair department who has told me my issue would be resolved sometime between 4 and 20 days (or 2-3, or 30, depending on who you talk to). I have spoken to your store managers who said they could do nothing to fulfill the agreement they made with me when I purchased your products – they even sent us a polite handwritten note explaining what a mess they’d created, but they could not help me resolve it. I have spoken to your Rewardszone department and they could not help me, in fact they could not help me over and over and over again as I restarted the process with them every 10 days just like I was instructed.
The thought that I’m going to have to endure another seven years of this nightmare while my service plan is still in effect makes me want to shoot myself in the head. The only hope I have is that you’ll screw up and erase the extended warranty I paid for so I have an excuse to throw these worthless appliances into your parking lot and replace them with a set that actually works, from a company that actually cares if their customers are sickened by the thought of ever doing business with them again.

Best Buy’s service plans do seem to have this effect on people, there’s just no denying it. We hope Speedball tries an EECB now that his spleen is good and vented.

Speedball’s Letter To Customer Service [Denver Egotist]

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