Local Columnist Gets Consumerist Reader's Complaint Fixed

One of our readers, Colin Madine, was able to get his consumer complaint resolved after contacting the Chicago Sun-Times “The Fixer” consumer advocacy columnist.

The issue was that he had bought a $300 service coupon book in 2006 with his Honda Odyssey minivan. These coupons were for free oil changes, discounted repairs, etc. The new owners of the dealership had decided not to honor the coupons. The were immovable. When The Fixer got involved, she tracked down the original dealership owner who ended up refunding Colin for the coupon book.

Takeaway: we’re not the only shame game in town. Especially if your complaint is with a local business, try seeing if your local newspaper or news channel has a “Fixer” or “Trouble Shooter Team” you can get involved.

[Chicago Sun-Times]