Executive Customer Service Numbers For 36 Companies

Executive customer service is a firewall team that keeps your complaints from disturbing busy executives’ golf games. Often , they do this by actually solving your problems, possessing superhuman powers to command all parts of the company to action, from billing to technical. If regular customer service channels fail, here’s how to reach some of them at the companies we’ve gathered the information for so far.

All US Airline CEO’s Contact Infos
Giant List Of Cellphone Company Departments’ Direct Numbers
List Of Consumer Electronics Customer Service Contacts
Apple – Email Steve Jobs
Apple – Executive Customer Service
AT&T Landline Retentions
Bank of America Executive Relations
Bank of America – CEO’s mailing address
Bell Canada
Capital One
Charter Communications
Chase Card, Chase Bank
Discover Card
Dish Network
Geek Squad
Georgia Power
Sears CEO
Sony Ericsson
Time Warner Cable – Executive Customer Service
Time Warner Cable – Level 3Tech Support
Time Warner Cable, San Diego Division
United Airlines
Washington Mutual

Don’t see the company you want on the list? No problem. This method will work for many companies, regardless of industry or size.


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  1. alfista says:

    Just a reminder, don’t jump to these support options without trying plain old regular support numbers first. Many problems will be resolved through the proper channels and you don’t want to clog up executive support capacity for those who really need it, look ridiculous for escalating immediately or prevent service improvement opportunities by not being able to share your experiences with front-line support with executive support (who should share your feedback internally).

  2. The Unicorn says:

    I had to resort to emailing Comcast’s CEO after I called them about a dozen times over the course of a month to try & get a DHL box shipped out so I could return my old modem & converter. their executive customer service people followed up with me the next day, & the ultimately sent a tech to physically retrieve the equipment; they even contacted me to confirm that everything was taken care of. so, yeah…once you’ve built up a legitimate case, it’s definitely the way to get some attention after nothing else has been effective.

  3. mattbrown says:

    thanks for not conveniently putting a list for us. >:P

  4. levenhopper says:

    I’ve been searching forever for CompUSA contact info — anyone have ideas?

  5. swvaboy says:

    Can anyone help with the number for Chrysler? I have been trying and keep getting back to basic support.

  6. Naomi says:

    @alfista: Good point…any good employee in this role will gently ask if you’ve gone through normal channels first and if you haven’t….they’ll just get you there. I feel bad for customers that insist they have their concern handled by me even though they haven’t tried normal channels because most of their issues could be handled in mere minutes through regular customer service. To be fair, issues I handle come in a first come first serve basis. So while the customer’s concern is a priority, every concern I deal with is a priority.

  7. nanotheater says:

    After trading 15 e-mails with Dish network Customer Service- 1 e-mail to the CEO- (recommended by this list) corrected my problem. I got a return e-mail from a flapper for the CEO promising to correct my billing problem- Thank you Consumerist