Taco Bell Returns To Mexico After 15 Years

Taco Bell has plans to open stores in Mexico with the slogan, “Es Otra Cosa,” or “It’s Something Else.”

In addition to their regular fare, Mexican Taco Bell will serve American favorites such as ice cream and french fries. The “taco” will be called a “tacostada,” which is a play on the words “taco” and “tostada,” because (let’s face it) a Taco Bell “taco” isn’t really a taco.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

“What we are bringing to Mexico is not Mexican food, it’s our exciting quick-service restaurant brand,” said Rob Poetsch, a spokesman for Yum Brands. “We feel the timing is right, and we’ve done quite a bit of consumer research to validate that this goes beyond product. It’s about value and convenience – that’s the universal appeal.”

Antonio Zambrano, a 42-year-old businessman who was having a meal at one of Tijuana’s many KFC outlets yesterday, said many Mexicans will like Taco Bell “precisely because it is different.”

“Plus, sometimes you’re looking for more than the food,” Zambrano said. “You also want good service, you want to be served quickly and you want to have a meal in a clean environment.”

Not everyone is thrilled with Taco Bell’s arrival, but actual taco vendors don’t seem nervous:

Adrián Beltrán, a 34-year-old taco shop worker at the popular Tacos El Gordo in this city’s Rio Zone, said there is no competition between traditional Mexican food and the products Taco Bell offers.

“Competition? Please,” he said. “Personally, I like the Jack in the Box tacos. Now those are good tacos. How come those guys don’t come here?”

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