After Blogs Cry "Censorship," AT&T Says It Will Change Terms Of Service

After getting roundly whiplashed for having a clause in their Terms of Service that could be interpreted as meaning they reserved the right to terminate the service of any customer who criticized them, AT&T DSL reached out to several blogs today with the following commitment to change their ToS:

We are revising the terms of service to clarify our intent. The language in question will be revised to reflect AT&T’s respect for our customers’ right to express opinions and concerns over any matter they wish. And we will make clear that we do not terminate service because a customer expresses their opinion about AT&T.

We’ll reserve judgment until the pixels dry. As of now, their ToS is still the same.

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  1. ian937262 says:

    Good to see things can change as a result of consumer reaction. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

  2. geekfather says:

    How can you tell when AT&T is lying to you?

    Their lips move.

  3. shadowlife says:

    I can only wonder what their intent might have been if they slip such harsh, straightforward, yet hard-to-notice language into a change of their terms of service.

    ‘The New AT&T’ indeed.

  4. CMU_Bueller says:

    Great, who wants to bet them automatically extending contracts another two years after this change?

  5. ColdNorth says:

    @geekfather: How do you know when their lips move? I can’t see past the cold, soulless machine that seeks to crush all who would uphold peace and justice throughout the galaxy.

    ‘New and Improved’ does not necessarily mean better…

  6. mandarin says:

    Wonder why Darth Vader has breasts…

  7. royal72 says:

    “AT&T’s respect for our customers”

    hang on, let me get my boots and grab the shovel.