The Walmart Halloween Display That's So Scary It Gives Your Children Nightmares

Apparently, there is a Halloween display at Walmart that is so scary its giving one Texas woman’s three children nightmares.

“It looked like a real, live monster,” 4-year-old Grace Whitney told KSN news.

From KSN:

Adriana Whitney said she didn’t expect to see something like it while shopping for groceries.

She said it was too much for her three young daughters, the youngest of whom is 20 months old.

“At this age, you cannot explain that this is a toy, that’s not real,” Whitney said.

Whitney said her daughters had nightmares after seeing the decoration and couldn’t sleep in their rooms.

“They had to sleep in my room because they were so scared,” she said.

Walmart moved the display over to another section after Whitney complained, but a spokesperson told the station that the decoration will remain in the store.

Hey, at least it wasn’t a Christmas decoration.

Texas mother angry over graphic Halloween display in Wal-Mart [KSN]

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