Huggies Diapers, Scott Toilet Paper, Will Soon Be More Expensive

Consumer goods manufacturer Kimberly-Clark announced today that it was raising prices on a variety of products from Huggies diapers to Scott and Cottonelle bathroom tissue.

Kimberly-Clark said that higher raw materials costs as well as increased energy bills are the reason for the price increase.

Prices for Cottonelle and Scott bathroom tissue, Viva and Scott paper towels, Huggies diapers, Pull-Ups training pants, Goodnites youth pants and Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants will increase between 4 and 7 percent effective February 3, 2008.

Kimberly-Clark Announces Price Increases for U.S. Consumer Products Businesses [PR Newswire]
(Photo:Hannahs Mum)


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  1. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    “Expenisive” – I never like to point out typos, but that one was just too good not to.

  2. blue_duck says:

    Yay for me already using different brands of everything mentioned.

  3. blue_duck says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: Actually it was spelled Expenisve :P

  4. MonkeyMonk says:

    Sounds like a good time for new parents to switch to cloth diapers.

  5. Meg Marco says:

    Oh fuck all of you. =)

  6. Fuzz says:

    This is because they get raw materials from Canada, and since the US $ is going down the pooper(pun intended), it is costing more to buy stuff.

  7. blue_duck says:

    @meghannmarco: Out of sheer love!

  8. liquisoft says:

    FInally, an excuse to use our hands.

  9. bsankr says:

    Why “announce” that you’re raising prices? Doesn’t the raise eventually publicize itself?

  10. marsneedsrabbits says:

    This affects me not at all.
    Cloth diapers researched and purchased from the interwebs and cheap dishtowels from Ikea FTW!

  11. Fuzz says:


    I’m assuming you still wipe your ass with something, though . . . Or are the cloth diapers for you? :)

  12. Shadowfire says:

    @Fuzz: What happens when the Canadian dollar drops again, below the US dollar, as most analysts are predicting? Do you really think Kimberly Clark will be lowering their prices to match? Heh….

  13. UpsetPanda says:

    Charmin all the way!

  14. njdon says:

    they raised prices about 10% earlier this year. the gummint will have to work extra hard to jigger the col.
    i, know they’ll say the quality is much improved and fudge the numbers.

  15. SOhp101 says:

    In other words, say thanks to ethanol and ethanol related shortages!

  16. Chicago7 says:

    Holy CRAP! 5 cents more a roll! I may have to switch to using my hand as toilet paper.


  17. OnceWasCool says:

    If everyone would just NOT BUY Kimberly-Clark, they would bring the prices back down. Kimberly-Clark is a large industrial supplier so I bet the company you work at is buying it. Tell them to consider other product suppliers for better savings. The bigger the company, the bigger the savings by just dropping Kimberly-Clark.

  18. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Goddamn it! Cottonelle is the only toilet paper my imaginary ass can tolerate. Now I’ll have to switch brands again.

  19. gorckat says:

    Assuming the price and quality is the same as ~7 years ago, go with Luvs.

    -Pampers were for when we spoiled our daughter’s hiney with top of the line diapers :p
    -Luvs were for everyday use: functional, comfortable, cheap
    -Huggies were for when my wife and I wanted to lose our ever-loving mind at a diaper leaking through and around itself

  20. Saboth says:

    Nooo not my Scott toilet paper! Ugh. The best TP because 4 rolls can last you like 2 months. Screw Charmin.