Brecht BMW Tells Customer "Go Back To Volkswagon, You Don't Deserve To Own A BMW"

Poor Raquel. She only wanted to return her leased BMW. Following instructions to bring her car to any authorized dealership, she arrived at Brecht BMW in San Diego. Brecht’s manager refused to accept the car, a decision he conveyed by screaming in front of her kids, threatening to call the police, and telling her to “go back to Volkswagon” because she didn’t “deserve to own a BMW.” Raquel writes:

On July 19th, 2007 I drove my leased BMW in Escondido, Ca. (Brecht BMW). I was told by Chase (the lender) to take the car back to any dealership. That I should take a photo of the car in front of the dealership I am leaving it with and have the dealership verify the odometer reading, leave the keys with them and I would be done. If I did not turn the car into a dealership by the 19th, then I would be financially penalized.

I walked into Brecht BMW and the first sales person I met asked me if he could help me. I said yes I am here to turn in my lease. He asked if I had bought my car from them. I said no, I bought it from Irvine, but I was told by Chase that I could take it anywhere. He said no he couldn’t help me b/c Chase was closed and he needed the buyout amount. I said no, they told me that he wouldn’t need to do that b/c they aren’t buying the car. He then told me that he wouldn’t help me. I told him I would be penalized if I didnt’ turn it in today and that it was a fast transaction. I also told him that I lived 45 miles away and have little ones (who were with me) and it was hard for me to get down that way. He said he would talk to the manager. After a couple of minutes he came back and said no again, they couldn’t help me but could if I came back the next day. I again explained that I worked and lived 45 miles away. I asked why they couldn’t do it now — telling them that I am sure they would be able to help me if I was buying a car.

Next the manager came out and said, you need to leave or I am going to call the police. I asked for his name. He took out his business card and threw it at me. I said, I don’t understand why they are unwillinig to help me. I then started to explain all the problems I had had with the car over the 4 years. Based on my miles my car should have been in for maintenace 2 times — it was in about 10 times. Each time was 3 hours round trip of my time and gas for the extra diving. I was starting to tear up and he smiled. I told him that I was doing everything I was told to do and that they could provide me customer service, but were choosing not too. I said, I don’t understand why they won’t just sign the odomoter form. I said that I had better treatment from VW when I owned my BMW. He told me to go back to VW, because ‘I don’t deserve to own a BMW.’ He again said to leave or he was going to call the police. By this time my children were in tears because he was yelling at me and threatening me. We left without them ever assisting us.

The next day My brother spoke to the GM and explained the story. He never apologized and still refused to help us with the lease return. We also called BMW of north america. The rep on the phone said that they are a franchise and that corporate has no control over them. He said he would note it down, but ‘don’t expect a call back.’ Basically, corporate doesn’t care about customers being mistreated.

My brother took my car across the street from Brecht to Mercedes dealership. Who took the car, filled out the odometer form and took the keys. My brother was out the door in 5 minutes. Why did BMW refuse to help me with their own product??? I still to this day have not received any explanation. The only thing I can think of is that they were not going to make any money off of me that night so they didn’t want to help. Why is there no one in the entire corporation that cares about customer service. I have emailed my story to BMW North America, BMW WorldWide, and Brecht BMW — no attempt has been made to contact me or correct the abusive treatment I received.

Still to this day, the home page of Brecht BMW reads ‘we are an authorized lease return facility’…………….

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