New Comcast Complaint Site:

Cranky Advertising Age columnist Bob Garfield has channeled his Comcast loathing into a new blog endeavor, Garfield figured why should he have all the fun lambasting Comcast on his blog? So he set up a new blog and invites you to give Comcast what’s for in the comments. Besides your complaint, he encourages you to include your customer number in your posts so Comcast can identify you (in case they decide to care).

After doing so, Garfield says, “You are no longer just an angry, mistreated customer. Nor, I hope, are you just part of an e-mob. But you are a revolutionary, wresting control from the oligarchs, and claiming it for the consumer. Your power is enormous. Use it wisely.”

Comcastmustdie [Official Site]


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  1. Pupator says:

    Digging deep today huh? A guy posts a blog with 2 entries, multiple misspellings, and nothing useful to say – but since it’s anti-big company the Consumerist is all over it!

    C’mon guys – you’re better than this.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Sometimes things that are new start small.

  3. Beerad says:

    Well, here’s the problem with yet another anti-cable company tirade: What’s the alternative? Yes, Comcast sucks. So does Time Warner, DirecTV (ESPECIALLY DirecTV), and every single cable operator out there. Sure, there are probably tiny, regional companies that are good, but 99.5% of consumers don’t have that luxury of choice. I agree that your cable sucks, my cable sucks, and that guy down the street, his cable sucks to. But until HappyFunCableCo starts up in the neighborhood, we’re all pretty screwed. And I don’t see that happening, no matter how much we whine about the crappy service.

    Cable companies don’t care because there’s no incentive for them to improve service. The “enormous power” that I’m “wresting from the oligarchs” is apparently the choice not to have any cable service at all. That will certainly be a stinging rebuke to the cable industry, eh?

  4. SirKeats says:

    i wish there was a charter version of this type of site. for those of us over here on the west coast, charter is our evil empire. i hate the company and wouldn’t mind having a similar site to lambaste their deplorable customer treatment.

  5. csdiego says:

    Beerad says “the choice not to have any cable service at all” as if it were unthinkable. That’s exactly the choice I made when I finally managed to sever my dysfunctional relationship with Comcast (and it practically took a court order to stop them from stalking me with bills long after I’d canceled). I miss HBO, football, and Comedy Central a little bit, but not enough to want to go back to being slapped around and taken for granted. So many activities (exercise classes, reading, community groups, walks with my dog) have rushed in to fill the space in my evenings that, even if HappyFunCableCo did start up in my neighborhood, I don’t know how I’d find the time to watch TV again. Unless we’re willing to say no to cable (and until the FCC is ready to grow a pair and enforce basic consumer regulations, not that I’m holding my breath) nothing is ever going to change.

  6. Starfury says:

    I just dumped Comcast internet for ATT DSL. The DSL is cheaper and slightly faster on downloads and about 3x faster on uploads. My next step is to dump them for my TV service. Not sure which satellite is better; dish or DirecTV. I know both have issues…mostly with setup. I’ve only got 2 TVs in the house so it would be fairly simple I’d think.

  7. the_oaktree says:

    lets face it most people are unhappy at their jobs so some one posting about it online is never really that interesting, even if it is comcast.

  8. Beerad says:

    @csdiego: Actually, yes, from the standpoint of trying to improve cable service, it is pretty unthinkable that cancelling your service might do any good at all. I’m glad you’re satisfied having cut Comcast out of your life, but unless enough customers outright cancel (which simply just isn’t going to happen) they aren’t even going to blink.

    FWIW, my girlfriend and I are seriously thinking about getting rid of our cable, primarily because there’s nothing we really watch and it’s pretty expensive. Giving DirecTV the boot will be an enjoyable bonus, but I’m not deluded enough to think that I’m making a big stand for consumers everywhere.

  9. UpsetPanda says:

    @Beerad: There’s plenty to watch! Battlestar Galactica is still good, Chuck is hilarious, Kitchen Nightmares is pretty entertaining, there’s Pushing Daisies, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Numbers (solving crime using math, it’s a geek paradise, but actually a very good crime show), any of the 50 law and orders, Bones is riveting TV for me, that’s mostly on basic channels too.

    I like tv. Can’t you tell?

  10. jayk971xx says:

    Here’s a recent experience with Comcast:

    Recently signed up for new service. Signed up on-line, then got sucked into this ‘live chat’ thing to complete the order. This took more than 45 minutes! The gal (or whoever) was on the other end kept apologizing for how slow her system was, but who knows what was really going on. Apparently they also ran a credit check on me, which I don’t remember being told about, but maybe I missed something in the fine print.

    Anyway, during the process I asked what channels I would be getting. Comcast has this pop-up window that shows a list of channels and it says “Select a package from the drop-down menu below and you’ll find all the fantastic programming packages and channels currently available for you.” Problem is it doesn’t work – there is no drop-down box (at least not in Firefox or IE6), and even the gal on the live chat couldn’t get it to work. So I said fine, can you just e-mail me a list of channels or even paste it into the chat? No, sorry, we can’t do that. She offered to mail it to me and said I’d get it in 5-7 days. I passed – figured I’d take my chances.

    I selected some sort of digital starter package + HBO + high-def (a promo they were running). Really, now that we’ve got a nice big HDTV, I’m really only interested in watching high-def content (the SD stuff generally looks pretty awful when up-scaled to 1080 lines on a 46″ screen). Fast-forward a week to the installation. Installation goes fine, but then it turns out I’m only getting the broadcast channels (which I can already pick up with an antenna) and HBO in high-def. What happened to Discovery and all the other high-def channels they talk about? They don’t come with the digital starter… only with some other package costing twice as much. So what is the extra $8/month high-def option getting me? That just pays for the high-def box, not the actual programming. Wow. You think any of this is explained on their web site? Maybe another 30 minutes on live chat could have cleared it up.

    So instead of paying $35/month (during the 4-month promotional period), we’re now at $70 (going up to around $100 after the promo runs out). For that we get about 13 or 14 high-def channels, half of which are just re-tranmissions of the local broadcast signals. So, if you’re just interested in high-def, you’re looking at around $10/channel/month. But you’ll also have more than a 100 crappy-looking SD channels and all the home shopping you can handle.

    So I think we’ll be ditching Comcast soon. We get a pretty good signal on the broadcast channels, which represent about half of what’s available on Comcast HD anyway, and Netflix pretty much takes care of the rest. I shouldn’t be watching that much TV anyway.

    – Jay

  11. chrispiss says:

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with comcast. Verizon on the other hand…

  12. synergy says:

    Is it really a good idea to post your customer number on a public forum? Granted you’d probably need to know the name of the account holder too, but I’m betting that pairing a dumb CSR and a great social engineer might get some info for a crook to use for further means.

  13. Denada says:

    I’ve never had a problem with Comcast. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to has been reasonably friendly and helpful. The installer even called to see if he could come by early if I wasn’t busy. Maybe I just live in some kind of weird bizarro Comcast area.

  14. vladthepaler says:

    If Comcast is so horrible, how come the only post is How to use this blog?

  15. alexandraIII says:

    Comcast promised to sign me up for their “promotion” package, and the first bill was correct, the 2nd bill, they said I wasn’t eligible for promotions, so they made my account retroactive to the previous statement, which caused prorations. I called the next month to complain and have the bill corrected. The rep split the features into 2 separate accounts causing more prorates. Within a 3 month span, due to prorates my bill was up to 725.00, for basic, internet and phone. I finally canceled service and received a final bill of 125.00, where did the rest of the charges come? They can rot in hell before I pay them a dime! My new theme song when I think of them will be….if I had a hammer….

  16. alexandraIII says:

    I have written letters of complaint to Washington DC, the local county and township authorities and the District Attorneys office, regarding the unfair padded billing practices of Comcast.

    At the time of the issues that were going on with my account, I spoke to several “customer” service agents, went to the local office, without a hammer unfortunately, and 2 supervisors. Their behavior was unprofessonal and rude. I was told by the supervisor, that if I didn’t like the treatment I was receiving that was just too bad, since I had no other choices….WRONG!! I did without cable for 7 months before Dish Network was available in this area. You see Comcast, the consumer always has choices.

    If everyone would write to the FCC, PUC, the local Congressman, maybe we can get Comcast to stop hiring people who need to be on meds and aren’t taking them. What is their hiring criteria: rude, selfish, condescending, you may have a future at our Comcast company?

  17. Anonymous says:

    MAC USERS ARE BEING UNFAIRLY PENALIZED BY COMCAST. WE ARE PAYING THE SAME PRICE FOR SERVICE AS PC USERS . . . I am a long time comcast customer (TV, internet, and phone) and am also a Mac computer owner and have been back and forth with comcast about their “free security software for comcast users valued at $120”. I called comcast about 6 mos ago about the system requirements because nothing was listed anywhere on the site just to find out that only pc users can use this “free service” comcast users are offered just to find out only PC users can download this “free” software. I was told there was nothing available to Mac users. Well, I have recently been victim of someone stealing my credit card info online so I called comcast again today to see if there has been any change, if anything has been added for Mac users to use. Comcast told me the “free software” (valued at $120 they agreed) is STILL only availabe for download to PC users. I said that I would like to go out and purchase my own security software but think that it is only fair that comcast give me a credit for this AND THEY REFUSED to give me ANY sort of credit. I reminded comcast that they are not the only company with high speed internet, TV, and digital phone service and that I would be exploring my other options in light of this lack of flexibility and downright DISCRIMINATION on their part! It would be nice if others could also log their complaints with comcast about this because they are never going to listen to one little miniscule voice out there. Thank you to anybody who took time to read this. Sincerely, Susan

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am a tenant so dont know my cust# as owner pays for service then back charges me. At home we have Verizon DSL, Verizon phone and a small TV cable co. In the 2 months we have been with Comcast we have had more problems than in 3 years at home. I was told that Comcast was a dirty word and I have put their custome rservice number on speedial.What is their problem with quality,full time service, having enough service reps both on the phone and in service trucks. They arnt cheap either.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that comcast increase’s the bill every 6 months? My bill started fifteen months ago @ 86.00 today its 163.82
    for the same programing. There are no late charges or pay movies. There should be more competition or regulations to
    stop this. Is comcast so big that the public is at their mercy?
    If everyone complines to their politician the pressure may change this.

  20. Tom Hood says:

    I live in Concord, Ca and cancelled Comcast on March 3, 2009. I have a refund of approx $95.00 due me but always receive the run around when I phone Comcast. I make a point now to phone once a week to see what the new excuse of the week will be. I thought ATT was bad but Comcast has just moved up to number one. Beware of Comcast!!!!