The Worst Times And Places To Fly: Stay The $%# Away From Orlando Airport At 10pm

Attention World: Stay the $%#@ away from Orlando International Airport at 10pm! According to the brand new numbers from the Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report, flights scheduled to depart from 10pm-11pm at Orlando’s airport are on-time only 33.3% of the time. Yes, if you leave Orlando International Airport from 10-11pm, you have a 2 out 3 chance of being late. Don’t risk it.

The Worst Times And Places To Fly:


1. Orlando International Airport 10:00 -10:59 PM 33.3%
2. Atlanta International Airport 9:00 – 9:59 PM 35.2%
3. Chicago Midway Airport 8:00 – 8:59 PM 35.4%
4. Atlanta International Airport 8:00 – 8:59 PM 36.3%
5. JFK International Airport, NYC 7:00 – 7:59 PM 37.2%


1. JFK International Airport, NYC 6:00 – 6:59 PM 37.8%
2. Atlanta International Airport 8:00 – 8:59 PM 40.6%
3: LaGuardia Airport, NYC 10:00 – 10:59 PM 41.8%
4. Baltimore Washington International Airport 6:00 – 6:59 AM 42.6%
5. Miami International Airport 11:00 – 5:59 AM 43.8%

And just for good measure, here are some specific flights that were never on time in August. Never. Not once.

  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines 5:50 PM 4361: Alexandria International Airport, LA – Atlanta International Airport
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines 8:04 PM 4530: Atlanta International Airport – Hilton Head Island Airport, SC

Atlantic Southeast also lead all airlines in regularly scheduled flights late 70% of the time or more with 16.7%. The next closest was Comair with 6.4%.

Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer Report [DOT]


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  1. moorie679 says:

    heh…..I missed so many connections at JFK and La Guardia I don’t

    even expect to make them anymore… I was stranded in NY for 2 days for missing my international connection which was 3 hours after my arrival…….cherry on top is arguing with the representatives at the counter……

    ME: well I have missed my connection again….
    Clerk: sir, how did you miss it you had 3 hours….
    ME:Well the plane landed an hour ago and we waited about 30 mins for the plane to get to a gate so i really had 30 mins to make it.
    Clerk: Why didnt you?
    ME: you dont expect me to run from a domestic flight, go through a security check point and make it to the gate in 30 mins….
    Clerk: Well sir you are going to have to deal with Lufthansa…..
    ME: I already talked to them…. they sent me to you guys since you messed up
    Clerk: allright let me see whats open….OK sir I can send you tomorrow with 4 connections…Chicago, london, frankfurt and istanbul…

    etc etc……I would literally try to fly if I could friggin fly……….

  2. loueloui says:

    Stay the %*&$ away from Orlando, period. Especially if you are moving here from New York. Really. Florida is full. Go visit your sunny disposition on somebody in New England. They’re closer anyways.

  3. bedofnails says:

    Miami International Airport 11:00 – 5:59 AM 43.8%

    Uh, are these some secret flights I’m not aware about?

  4. BK88 says: The nation’s Air Traffic Controllers have had
    this site up for years, and now the governement publishes data. Go

  5. RandomHookup says:

    What kind of flights are leaving Orlando at 10 pm? Must be eastbound international, because I can think of no good place to place at that time otherwise.

  6. @bedofnails: Got me on that one too.

    Anyway, why the hell is Chicago not on both list, I must ask? On that note, where’s LAS (Las Vegas)?

  7. Meg Marco says:

    @bedofnails:That is how the DOT reports overnight flights.

  8. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    How bout SFO…? I heard O’Hare’s pretty bad too.

  9. Javert says:

    @loueloui: Problem…no visitors = State income tax. Trust me, I would put up with it. At least you don’t have to live with them AND pay state income tax.

  10. Javert says:

    My fav response from an airline: Basically, first flight out of Orlando was late leaving, therefore late getting to DC for connection which we missed. When I called to reschedule my 2nd leg on the courtesy phone, the agent’s response was that I should have allowed more time between flights. This is funny for 2 reasons: First, I booked it on their website hence this was their idea and Second, his statement tells me that I must assume that all of their flights will be late.


  11. TheOtherJen says:

    I’m from FL (and I totally agree with the above poster, go somewhere else) but I rarely had problems flying in and out of MCO (orlando Int’l). I used to fly out of there almost every month to ATL or New York (and sometimes even to Alexandria, La., go figure) and I think it’s one of the nicest, easiest to get around airports there is. Plus there is great shopping.

  12. synergy says:

    Ah. That’s why I’ve never missed a flight. I don’t go to the east coast!

  13. Lavanaut says:

    Try departing Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon. HELL. Actual, total and complete Hell. Especially if you’re flying Alegiant Air. They require you to be there *2.5* hours before your flight. The only thing that could possibly make the situation worse? The seemingly life-threatening hangover you’re struggling to survive. Hell.

  14. MCORLANDO says:

    The reason MCO (orlando) has the worst times? They delay the flights for as long as possible to try to get more passengers on those flights, as those are the last flights of the night.