FlyJumper Ad Promises To Make You Awesome, Then Rich, Then Dead

In the U.S. they’re called PoweriZers, but in the U.K. those springy pogo-boot things are called FlyJumpers, and the company that sells them has come up with a bizarre ad that appeals to… materialistic and amoral fame-seekers who are suicidal, we guess? The commercial—which is available on the product info page—shows a bank robber making an amazing escape on his FlyJumpers, and getting away with thousands of pound notes. Then, inexplicably, it turns into a scene from “Final Destination.”

(We’re not kidding—it gets Itchy & Scratchy violent without warning at the end.)

Fly Jumpers Junior [Metafilter]

FlyJumper product page at
PoweriZers at American Amazon site

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