Target Cards You For Buying Jones Soda

Reader Daniel would like to let us know that the Target in Huntsville, AL thinks Jones Soda is alcoholic, and they’re going to need to see some ID.

Daniel says: Hi guys,

I thought this was an interesting incident that you might want to look into and make your readers aware of.

I had went with a friend to buy a few things at the Super Target in Huntsville, Alabama yesterday. Upon checking out, the cashier looked at a four pack of bottled Jones Soda that my friend was buying for himself and asked to see his license. Having laughed it off a bit realizing her mistake, we informed her that this in fact was not an alcoholic drink and that she would not need his ID. She instead became very stern with us and told us that we would have to provide ID anyways, or else the Target Rent-A-Cop would “deal with us”, as she stated it.

Wanting to head home and not really wanting to cause a scene, we went ahead and did what she asked and headed out of the store with our purchases. I’ve tried to reach a manager by phone afterwards to state my displeasure but have had no luck as of yet. Should this happen again, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be standing our ground instead of giving in as we shouldn’t have.


Hey, in addition to complaining to Target, you should probably send a letter to Jones Soda. We’re sure they’d like to know that that particular Target is refusing to sell their soda to people under 21.

(Photo:zac attack)