Money Lessons For Your Kids

If you have kids and aren’t teaching them about money, you’re setting them up to be one of those clueless college kids with a free burrito and $12,000 in credit card debt. Don’t do it!

Leo at Zen Habits has put together a bunch of lessons you can teach your kids. Teach them now; avoid paying their bills later.

We like this one:

Teach them about advertising and consumerism. This is something that should be taught at home and in the school, because most of us grow up without really being aware of the effects that advertising, marketing and consumerism has on us, and on our spending. This is often the root of our financial problems, whether we’re young or old. Teach them about the goal of advertising: to get us to buy their products or services, and to get us to spend our money. And show how advertising affects us, and gets us to do that. And talk about consumerism, and how it hurts us financially, how it’s not good for the environment, and how it leads to a cluttered house full of expensive and wasted stuff.

10 Lessons To Teach Your Kids About Money [Zen Habits]