Two-thirds of CFOs at retailers in the U.S. are “actively involved in green practices,” and of those, two-thirds said that they’re doing it to improve or protect the company’s image. Most of the remaining third cited tax breaks or regulatory requirements as motivating factors. [Reuters]


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  1. liquisoft says:

    Well, it makes sense.

    Companies are in the business of making money, not saving the environment. The real benefit to going green would be to improve public perception of the company and hopefully attract more customers. These days, it’s just smart business.

  2. dantsea says:

    Companies doing things because it might make them look better or make more money? Unpossible!

  3. OnceWasCool says:

    Look at BP, their leadership has really flipped out on the green idea. although they have relaxed all the “Carbon Footprint” BS, people would rather have lower prices at the pump. Think about it. Instead of pouring tons of money into feel good for the moment global warming stuff, give us discount at the pump. Now, that would impress me since I grew up when we were afraid of Global Cooling.

  4. smac1 says:

    This tells us that the whole environmental economy idea is working!

    We live in a capitalist society so you have to make it attractive to save the planet.

  5. Anitra says:

    That’s not a bad reason for corporations to do the right thing. If protecting the environment protects their marketshare, that’s a win-win situation.

    Companies won’t do anything that decreases their chances of seeing a profit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We’ll save the planet, unless degrading it is more profitable.