Michael Vick Sued For Not Paying Car Loans, Bank Repossesses Cars

Oh, Michael. What have you done now? An Indiana bank is suing Mr. Vick for not paying loans related to a car rental business:

Vick signed loan agreements as the CFO of Divine Seven, which bought at least 130 vehicles, including many Kia Spectra and Ford Taurus cars, through 1st Source Bank loans, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in South Bend on Wednesday.

A phone call Friday to a number listed on loan documents for Divine Seven was answered by a clerk at a Payless Car Rental office in Atlanta. The Associated Press left a message there for Art Washington, who signed some of the loan documents as Divine Seven’s CEO.

According to the lawsuit, 1st Source Bank made a written demand for payment on Aug. 24, but Vick and Divine Seven have “failed and refused to pay.”

Wait, Art Washington? Is that like Ron Mexico? Or that an actual person? Oh well. We don’t really care. According to the lawsuit, Vick owes $2 millionish for the cars. To make matters worse according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Canadian bank has sued Vick in federal court in Virginia claiming he defaulted on a $2.5 million line of credit he took out to use to invest in real estate.

Bad consumer.

Indiana bank sues Vick over unpaid car loans
1st Source sues scandal-bitten NFL player Vick [Sound Bend Tribune]